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Summer’s Coming – Time to Hang Out!

June 1, 2009

With Memorial day in the rear view mirror, it’s time to fully embrace Dallas.

In the last few weeks I have done a lot of things in and around Dallas. I’ve eaten at Screen Door, ALÓ, Royal Thai, and other spots. I’ve done some hiking at the Cedar Ridge Preserve, hung out at the Loft at Gilleys, and taken in the view of our skyline from Oak Cliff to the top of the Mercantile (see the header pic of this blog).

We have a lot to do in this town. Now that it’s summer, it’s time to go sit out on the lawn at Nasher and take in a movie or two as we did last year. I’m really looking forward to the completion of Main Street Gardens (though it’s a little ways from being open), which replaced a hideous block of buildings in the middle of downtown. The Dallas CityArts festival is coming in two weekends.

Until I saw the news on Saturday, I completely forgot about the 7-acre park in the Arts District that will be completed in four months. And there’s much more to do than I’ve listed. By the way, several of the things I’ve listed are FREE!

Life is what you make it. Dallas has a lot to see and do, don’t let it pass you by!


Dallas and Density

January 8, 2008

With all of the announcements of “Town Centers” and mixed-use centers in certain parts of Dallas, many people are wondering can Dallas support all of these developments.

I believe that Dallas can support these developments, and a lot of well-heeled players are rushing to be near the front of the line. With the density that Dallas will need as its population grows, we likely will have enough people to fill these places.

I think that ‘new to Dallas’ residents will fill these spaces along with upwardly mobile college grads that decide that they want to be in the city and not the suburbs. I do think there will be an “arms race” to see who can best attract residents. Some will do well and some will struggle. But when you look at it, there can be a ton of coffee places, dry cleaners, etc because the client base lives right above or in the same complex as the business.

In cities like New York and Philadelphia, it’s a way of life. Every pizza store and neighborhood grocery store has people that live above in condos or apartments.

When you consider the projected growth of Dallas’ population, you can see that most of these projects will be a success. The key will be to ramp up infrastructure to meet the needs of the influx of residents.

However, one interesting thing is that there are now no first-run large scale movie theaters south of Northpark Center in Dallas (I’m excluding places like the Magnolia and the Angelika which lean towards lower-profile movies). There seems to be an opportunity for someone to build a large movie center. Surely AMC Northpark can’t serve everyone.

The Old Hard Rock Cafe..for Lease?

December 12, 2007

It’s true. The building is located at McKinney & Routh in Uptown Dallas. I may be late on this one, but this property is now for lease. Here’s the flyer. After all of the back and forth on it, it seems that they are back at square one. Interesting.

March 21, 2007

Random Great News

The DMN reports that Shafer Property, operated by the architecturally loathed Steve Shafer has sold the old Syms site to an affiliate of the Staubach Company.

Quoting David Dillon, I’m just glad to know that there won’t be a stucco “one-story, skin-deep Mediterranean hodgepodge” on Mockingbird near Love Field. Carry On.