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Dear Dale Hansen…

April 14, 2010

I guess some people enjoyed Dale Hansen’s rant regarding the story about the Jerry Jones video.  I wonder if he had 95% of this speech in the can some time ago.

Here’s one zinger Hansen had last night:

“Our business now, too many times, is a fat kid in a T-shirt in his mother’s basement, eating Cheetos and writing his blogs — and we make it news.”

Oh, those pesky bloggers in Mommy’s basement again. Yeah, we’ve heard that before. Except this blogger and the ones I know wear work clothes and suits, live all over the city, and haven’t lived in Mommy’s basement in many years. We’re also in pretty good shape.  However, some of us do like Cheetos (or so I’ve heard).

OK, Dale, we get it. But when’s the last time you’ve broken a story? (I’ll wait).  When I wanted to find out who signed with my beloved college basketball teams, I turned to (gasp) blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.

There are some newscasters that have embraced Facebook and Twitter.  I read most of my favorite news media folks’ posts and tweets, which include John McCaa, Gloria Campos, and Steve Pickett.  A couple of my favorite sports people that I follow on Facebook are sportscaster Newy Scruggs from NBC5 and Jemele Hill from ESPN.  They’re not afraid to write talk about their opinions and let them stand on their own. Contrast that with Dale, who comes off like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino telling people to get off his lawn. 

Any attempt to marginalize bloggers will be a fail.  We’re not only here, we’re multiplying every day.  Maybe Hansen’s just not aware of the world changing around him.  Then again, you have to be pretty self-absorbed to use your own signature for your name every night.

As someone who has had his personal tweets posted on DMN City Hall blog, I can feel for Jerry Jones a little bit.  It’s still funny, because Jerry Jones is an entertaining guy who likes to have a good time.

Here’s the thing about the Hansen rant. Yeah he went in on the network for better or worse. But a lot of old people at networks always feel like they have to cheapshot us bloggers. Why is that? Do they feel threatened?

Mainstream sports news needs to reinvent itself, but I guess for whatever demographic Hensen serves his shtick plays well.  I also can’t remember the last time anybody under 35 thought Dale Hansen was relevant, so there’s that.

Bill Simmons, Deadspin, Ball Don’t Lie > Dale Hansen any day of the week

Maybe Dale can bring me some Cheetos while I write my next blog post.

Congrats to the Dallas Morning News on their Pulitzer Prize

April 12, 2010

Today, the Dallas Morning News Editorial Team was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing. This was based on their writing and coverage on their North-South Project.  

When they first met with a handful of us right before they started this project (either 2006 or 2007), I was very skeptical. But their interest and sincerity in pursuing this endeavor is something I could not ignore.

While I don’t agree with every stance, I cannot contest that they have been open minded and honest in their efforts to expose past wrongs and use their paper as a medium for change in Dallas.

The exposure is appreciated, and I hope the project continues.

Wet-Dry Petition

February 24, 2010

Right now I am not writing any posts as I mentioned before.  I just wanted to say that I have nothing to do with the forthcoming wet/dry area petition – it is oddly named as a variation of the name of this blog.  I do have some concerns which I will outline at a later date.

‘GMC Terrain Charity Challenge’ will Raise Funds for Nonprofits

October 27, 2009
Here are excerpts from the press release for the GMC Terrain Charity Challenge.

‘GMC Terrain Charity Challenge’ on Facebook Will Pick 3 DFW Ambassadors and 3 Charities to Compete for $20,000 and Drive GMC Terrains.

Representatives from three Dallas-Fort Worth charities will be selected to drive the all-new 2010 GMC Terrain for a month and compete on Facebook to win cash for their favorite charity during the $20,000 ‘GMC Terrain Charity Challenge.’

“Our local marketing association is continually looking for ways to give back to the community. The launch of the new GMC Terrain provides us an opportunity to not only help designated local charity groups but also showcase the versatility of our new vehicle,” says Carey Williams, President of the Dallas GMC Local Marketing Association. “If you are a DFW-area driver, are passionate about a charity, and are on Facebook, you could be chosen as a GMC Terrain DFW Ambassador and compete in the $20,000 ‘GMC Terrain Charity Challenge.”

Each Dallas-Fort Worth $20,000 ‘GMC Terrain Charity Challenge’ Ambassador will receive a 2010 GMC Terrain crossover SUV for a month, a $400 gas card, and a Flip Video to document their GMC Terrain driving experience as they compete to win cash for their favorite charity. The Ambassadors will also have the opportunity to personally win prizes in the competition.

The $20,000 ‘GMC Terrain Charity Challenge’ Ambassadors will also encourage their Facebook Friends to become a Facebook Fan of GMC DFW ( and vote for the Ambassador’s selected charity. The charity with the most votes wins that percentage of the $20,000. Voting for the charities begins on November 16, 2009.

More info can be found on the $20,000 ‘GMC Terrain Charity Challenge’ info page (link).

# # #


Jo Trizila
TrizCom Inc.

In Memory of 9/11/2001

September 11, 2009
This is dedicated to all of those that lost a loved one 8 years ago, and to those that put their lives on the lines to save others in the United States and abroad.

We will never forget.

Thank you.

Rawlins’ Take on an Oft-Forgotten Part of Town

June 9, 2009

If you haven’t seen it, Piedmont resident Rawlins Gilliland has an op-ed which ran in the Dallas Morning News. It’s a good take written by a long-time resident of the area, and focuses on the history and neighborhoods that make up the southeast part of Dallas.

Baseball Icon Passes Away

April 14, 2009

Anybody that likes baseball knows the name Harry Kalas. In addition to doing play-by-play and commentary

Yesterday, Harry passed away doing what he loved – being in the booth, getting ready to call a game.

For me, I spent many nights as a kid holding my trusty little AM radio listening to Kalas call Phillies games…way past my bedtime. He also was the voice behind a lot of NFL films clips.

My two favorite Kalas calls of all time:

Phillies win 2008 World Series

Mike Schmidt hits 500 home run (0:48)

ESPN’s take on Harry Kalas.

It’s Them or Me

March 8, 2009

As I predicted about a week ago, this switch to the new feedburner is causing some issue with my readers.

I have lost at least 100 subscribers since the switch.

There are one of two reasons:

  1. my writing fell off
  2. new Feedburner is killing my readership.

Judging by the increased number of hits, I blame feedburner.

It’s time to bring out the old beg for subscribers post…ONCE AGAIN

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Transfer of RSS Feed is Here (BOO!)

February 27, 2009

For those of you that subscribe to Dallas Progress via feedburner or other reader tools (live bookmarks, RSS, etc) , some changes are afoot. Those of you that write blogs also know what I’m talking about.

Google bought FeedBurner, and now I have to switch everything over. I’ve been avoiding it for a while because it involves techy things that I loathe. I can usually teach myself anything related to technology, be it writing code or anything like that, but it’s only because I hate paying for things I can do on my own.

The switch may cause you to temporarily lose your subscription.

If you can’t get Dallas Progress on your feedreader, just leave me a comment on this post and I’ll help you out.

Please bear with us, it should only happen once.

Dallas or New York’s "Right to Vote?"

February 13, 2009

I saw the petition carriers yesterday. How could I miss them – these people had no respect for walking right through the middle of our meeting yesterday while we were trying to conduct city business. Same for whomever took the pictures of them walking through our meeting.

When you look at the financial reports, this effort is funded by a group based in New York that paid people to fly down and get signatures. Some of the people that are on the original petition request have barely voted themselves.

Now the reports come out that they were holding these signed petitions for weeks to get leverage against the City for hotel business. What a joke.

There are other unions in town that support the hotel, like SEIU and others.

I’m not anti-union. My Mother was in a union, the Communication Workers of America (CWA). When strikes came down, we had to go without. Sometimes the strikes went for a long time, but we made it.

However, this effort is something I cannot support. There’s a right way and a wrong ray to conduct business. And by the way they have conducted themselves so far, we can see where this is going.

I hope the majority of Dallas voters see it the same way.