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Kirk-Ching! Former Dallas Mayor Tops TXU money List

August 23, 2007

Kirk-Ching! Former Dallas Mayor Tops TXU money List

As I have mentioned before in this column, Ron Kirk was a major lobbyist during the TXU merger buyout saga. Well now it turns out that he was the top money-getter for pushing this deal, earning over $350,000 for his efforts (link).

I’m not naive enough to think that employing lobbyists isn’t a part of politics. But it rubs me the wrong way when you see a name like Kirk’s at the top of the list, at the same time that he thinks that we will believe him regarding the Trinity Project.

It’s never about the people with him…it’s about the money. But how much is enough? At what point does greed not take over at the expense of the common good? And if you’re in it for the money, admit it and move on. But don’t change sides when it’s convenient.

What did he do for African-American communities as Mayor of Dallas? I can’t tell. Maybe someone can clue me in at a later date. Last week on DallasBlog, Rufus Shaw noted a glaring fact:

Former Mayor Kirk will assuredly find himself defending his own record regarding southern sector economic development.


However, every mayoral candidate in the recent mayoral election touted southern sector economic development as one of their top priorities. So why didn’t one of the major mayoral candidates ever reference Ron Kirk or his administration as a symbol of southern sector economic success?

The cat is out of the bag. That dog will not hunt this time around.


March 22, 2007

Townhall Meetings on Utility Costs

State Rep. Barbara Mallory Caraway (House District 110) is holding a series of town hall meetings on high electricity bills, the proposed sale of TXU Energy, and utility deregulation.

True to her word, Barbara is bringing the information to the people of her District while fighting for change in Austin.

The news story can be found here, along with the video clip with an audio interview (link).

For more information, call her District office at 214-941-4619 (Dallas) or 512-463-0664 (Austin).

Tonight, the first meeting was held at the Fruitdale Rec Center in Oak Cliff.

The remaining meetings are as follows:

Friday, March 23rd
6:00 pm
Thornton Elementary School
6011 Old Ox Road; Dallas, TX (map) – Singing Hills

Saturday, March 24
10:00 am
Paul Laurence Dunbar – Lancaster-Kiest Branch Library
2008 E. Kiest Blvd; Dallas, TX (map) – across from Oliver Wendell Holmes MS

Thursday, March 29
6:00 pm
Frederick Douglass Elementary School
226 N. Jim Miller Rd; Dallas, TX (map) – just north of Loop 12

Saturday, March 31st
FCI Seagoville Training Center
2113 N. Highway 175; Seagoville, TX (map)