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Keep on Coddling the Kids

October 5, 2007

For those in the community and press that are cynical toward Dwaine’s movement to outlaw sagging and for those that think the police shouldn’t give out tickets for sagging, this is dedicated to you.

Here’s something that happened today:

We are coddling our youth. By trying to be to cool with them and babying them to no end, we are creating a generation of wimps that don’t respect authority and are more apt to pull a gun than to have a meaningful conversation.

At yesterday’s City Hall press conference, Paul Quinn College President Michael Sorrell and two of his students told of how the no-sagging rule helped to increase attitude, self-esteem, and grades. It works, but y’all are too busy coddling these kids to see that this is a very important issue.

Now the rest of y’all can go back to wimping out and coddling our youth.

Love for the People

September 6, 2007

I talked to several people that are in the vicinity of where Dwaine lead the charge to take down the drug houses a few weeks ago. They told me that the neighborhood has changed for the better. There are still some issues, for the simple reason that you can’t change a neighborhood overnight. But the “crackhead stroll” in their neighborhood is now non-existent, because there’s no where to buy it.

I LOVE my seniors. When I say my seniors, I mean those folks in the District that held in down in their neighborhoods the best they could. They either can’t move or won’t move, remaining hopeful and prayerful that a change will come to their area. I haven’t known them as long as most, but I’ve grown attached to some of them because they pray for us and support us as we fight these battles.

This movement is about those seniors that live behind bars and can’t afford an ADT system to protect them. They’re trying to figure out whether to pay TXU or to buy some groceries. As we speak, one of my seniors has a big hole in her roof and ceiling and I’m trying to figure out if we can get her a grant of some sort.

This is about kids who deserve a shot at making it, and about parents that shouldn’t have to drive 30 minutes to go to the movies or to get a decent bag of groceries.

It’s about all of the great City staff and volunteers that put on the Community Teen Summit Forums and never ask for credit or recognition, but really make it happen for the kids that come down to City Hall. I can’t thank those volunteers enough.

When we say “A Block at a Time” it’s in our hearts, and if you can’t see that you have your own internal issues that you need to resolve. Growing up in the 80s, most of my friends are dead or in jail. They had no shot at making it, little support, and never grew strong enough to handle the pressure of growing up in the ‘hood. That’s why my fight will never stop.

I appreciate all of the neighborhood residents, city officials, pastors, community leaders and everyone else for their support in what we are trying to do. With your help and prayers, we will continue this journey.