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Dogfighting DVDs being Sold in Stores

September 6, 2007

Channel 8 ran an interesting story on pit bull DVDs being sold in local Exxon gas stations. Apparently, they are being sold in many stations across DFW. It was a lot more interesting and meaningful than the story they led with on Tuesday.

I know that convenience stores have different little kiosks to make a few extra bucks. There’s nothing wrong with such a practice, but I’m sure they can find something better to sell than dogfighting DVDs.

What the news story didn’t mention is that some of the groups behind those videos is being sued by the Humane Society along with for selling such DVDs.

Between the selling of this garbage and selling of single blunts and cigars which are typically used to smoke drugs (is this legal?), some of these stores need to clean up their act.

July 9, 2007

Dwaine Caraway in D Magazine!

As you know, tackling Dallas’ dangerous stray dog problem is a main part of Dwaine’s 20-point plan. This month’s D Magazine has a feature article in which Dwaine is prominently mentioned regarding this issue. It’s the most in-depth article written on this subject in years.

A couple of months ago, we took D Magazine’s Rod Davis on a ride through South Oak Cliff. This article is the result. Check out the article on the media page of (link).