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April 18, 2007

Max Wells’ Team Doesn’t Know how the ‘Net Works….

Dallas Blog had a post about behind the scenes footage of Max Wells’ WFAA commercial showing up on YouTube not once, but twice.

Check it out here. Funny stuff!

According to the post , the Wells team was “(testing) the campaign’s ability to post video on its Web site.” Who uses YouTube to test their website? As much money as they have, don’t they have their own server? You’re doing a great job, brownie!

This is another example of what happens when you have people that don’t know what they’re doing (not specifically Wells, but obviously his team) but claiming that they’re ‘web savvy.’ Just like when I had the Tom Leppert radio commercial two weeks before it came out.

Sometimes I feel bad for these candidates…

No word if Wells’ team used the terms OMG, LMAO, or BFF in their response to Dallas Blog.


April 1, 2007

No Cameras, No Candidates?

Dr. Janet Morrison of Central Dallas Ministries has a blog, Community Dialogue, that I read daily.

I have a theory that Mayoral candidates often make a big show of when they visit the hood, but ignore many events of note. The question: will Mayoral candidates come to Turner Courts? I doubt it, but what really happened?

Unfortunately, Dr. Morrison confirms my theory. Read here.