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An Education for Teens

November 7, 2008

On Saturday at 9AM, all parents and kids that sag are invited by Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway and 97.9 The Beat to come out for a morning summit about how fashion can affect your future.

It will be a unique look on how fashion statements can negatively impact your neighborhood, the perception of you by leaders and decision-makers, and how it can negatively impact your future opportunities.

The event will be held at City Hall.

Putting them on Blast

February 1, 2008

I will be traveling southern Dallas with my camera, with a focus on District Four. I want everyone in Dallas to know about how much work we have to do to clean up our District.

Anti-Sagging Billboards Up all over DFW

January 2, 2008

Starting today, new stop-sagging billboards are going up in Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth. These will feature the “Grandma” billboards that you may have heard about. More information will be coming soon.

Also, more information will be coming with respect to the Dr. Phil show featuring Dwaine Caraway, Dooney, and others involved in the stop-sagging movement.

Lancaster Students Say "Respect Yourself"

December 21, 2007

Lancaster,TX students created an anti-sag video. It’s titled “What Not to Wear.” These students were inspired by Dallas Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway’s campaign to increase pride among youth and sent this video to his City Council office.

More videos and info can be found at

Anti-Sagging Billboard Unveiled

October 23, 2007

Today, the “Pull ‘Em Up” movement continues. The first billboard in the anti-sagging movement is located at I-35 & Illinois in heart of Oak Cliff. A billboard is also up at

This represents a commitment by Clear Channel. As anyone in politics or media knows, freeway billboards are the most expensive. It’s major right now. Dwaine also mentions the development and quality of life links to sagging.

In this clip, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway is interviewed by WFAA’s Brad Hawkins of Channel 8. More info can be found on Dwaine’s website on the “Pull Up Your Pants” info page (link).

Pull Your Pants Up! Conscious Rap with a Message

October 18, 2007

Dooney Da’ Priest, who is a well-known gospel rapper, has produced a anti-sagging rap song called “Pull Your Pants Up!” Dooney was inspired by Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway and the others involved with the issue. It’s already being played on KHVN and will likely air soon on radio stations across the country.

The no sagging movement didn’t go anywhere. So you coddlers keep hating.

The song can be found on Dwaine’s website (link).

Story on Fox 4 – it also mentions the possibility of this being a national movement.