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January 20, 2009

Good job!

Now the work begins.
Full text of the inaugural address.

I’m glad I got to talk to my 82-year old Grandfather this morning. This is for him and my deceased Grandmother as much as it is for me and my future children.

It’s Here

January 20, 2009

Where To Watch (courtesy of TechCrunch)

There will be plenty of livestreams of the Inauguration at all the media sites mentioned above. Some of the sites offering livestreams include:

Hulu: Will be streaming live, will also be using Hulu’s stream.

C-Span: Washington D.C.’s video standby will have four live feeds to choose from. Partnering with Facebook so you can see your friends’ status updates while watching.

Current TV : Will add a Twitterstream to its coverage. This stream will also be available on your iPhone, great for those along the parade route too far away to see the main stage.

—Starbucks and movie theaters: For those who cannot make it to Washington, MSNBC is hosting screenings of the inauguration in movie theaters and Starbucks across the country (although it looks as though these are already sold out).

Joost is also broadcasting the inauguration live.

Where To Share—Twitter: Just search for “inauguration” or “Obama”. The chatter has already started.

—Users can get Twitter, Flickr,, and YouTube updates to follow only the most interesting pictures, video, posts, and tweets about the election through Dipity.

NPR Inauguration Report: Run by NPR’s social media desk, it will be collecting dispatches from spectators via Twitter, Flicr, YouTube, and text message. All Tweets or text messages that start with “#inaug09″ or “#dctrip09″ will be included in NPR’s feed, as well as Flickr photos and YouTube videos tagged “inaug09″ or “dctrip09.” There are also an accompanying iPhone and Android apps called IR09, Inauguration Report 2009 (more details here).

CNN/Microsoft 3D Photosynth: People at the inauguration can upload their photos and Microosft will combine them into a 3D panoramic Photosynth (more details here).

Citizen’s Briefing Book: Got a policy suggestion for the transition team? Submit one or vote for the best ones at

Where Were You?: A video contest sponsored by Memelabs that will let people share where they were on this historic day.

iPhone Apps and Follow-up

— Stream the inauguration to your iPhone (see above).

—Inauguration Report 2009: Submit your own report to NPR with text, photos, or audio. Reports post straight to NPR’s Inauguration feed (see above).

—PointAbout 2009 Presidential Inauguration Guide: Free app with a countdown to the inauguration, distance to the inauguration steps, and lets you navigate Washington, D.C. with maps of public transport, parking, free WiFi zones, and a Zagat’s restaurant guide for the city.

CrashTheInauguration (same as above, but on your iPhone).

Looking Forward to Tomorrow

January 19, 2009

President Barack Obama…Where Do I Start?

November 5, 2008

Last night was an amazing night. Where do I begin?

Like many folks, I turned down a ton of invites to go to watch parties, block parties and other election events last night. I really wanted to take in the victory in a private setting.

I think about my 81-year old grandfather, who grew up in North Carolina. One of 21 children, he dropped out in the ninth grade to support his family. He grew up having to use the side entrance to enter buildings and order food. I can’t wait to talk to him this morning. Both of my Grandmothers have passed on; I wonder how they would feel today.

I think about all of my friends, who despite my badgering in previous years voted for the first time in this election.

I think about my parents. My father was one of the first black salesmen at Xerox and has always fought to show me that America is a land of possibilities; he knew I needed an education to truly make an impact in this world. “Big Pop” literally staged a one-man sit-in at the school board to make sure I got into the best schools in Philadelphia. He went to every single parent-teacher conference. In fact, he created his own conferences because my teachers knew he was likely to show up at my school any given day of the week. And so did I.

I think about my Mother. A single Mom from the housing projects of Philly, she started as one of the first black switchboard operators at our local phone company, got her GED and became one of the employees that created the Verizon cell phone network. Despite losing a 5-year old child in a gang crossfire shooting (while she was pregnant with me, I might add), she never gave up. She built herself up, and took every educational course that she could in her efforts to create a better life for her family. All of her children went to college. Despite being hit by a pickup truck and seriously injured in downtown Philadelphia two weeks ago Mom was at her polling place when it opened, standing in line and leaning on her crutch to vote.

This is what I think about this morning. America is a country of possibilities. Barack’s victory is a great American story.

I know many affluent people that voted for Obama. Most of them are business owners, and they are not worried about the difference in taxes that they might pay.

I think that Barack will have a moderate administration and presidential tenor. Most of the fear-mongering that has happened about being “liberal” will not come to pass. Can we get past all of the labels for once and just work together to improve America? That’s what Barack’s brand of “change” is all about.

This will not change America overnight. This will not reverse the economic problems in one fell swoop. But it does show that anything is possible.

Turn Out the Lights

November 4, 2008

Barack Obama has won Ohio and New Mexico. With the way the map is set up, it’s a WRAP.

Right now, Barack has 200 electoral votes. With California (55), Washington (11), and Hawaii (4)…that’s 270.

One Last Pre-Election Post, One Last Electoral Map

November 3, 2008

Can you believe that Election Day is tomorrow? It’s been a long race – I’m so proud of all of the people that are engaged and voting. I’m still unsure that the 6-8 hour lines to early vote in some states are also the product of poor planning by local election officials.

Here’s one final election map from yours truly:

On Friday 10/24 I had Obama 349-189.
On Tuesday 10/14 I had Obama 333-205.

Today, I have it at 333-205. The main difference is that I have 262 solid electoral votes for Obama, vs 238 ten days ago.

Sorry to tell you once again….McCain has no shot of winning Pennsylvania. The Palin pick has hurt McCain in the Philly suburbs, which along with Philadelphia make up almost 40% of the vote in the state. Virginia is essentially out of reach. I personally think Texas and Arizona will be a lot closer than most people think.

Here’s the schedule for polls closing from the SwingStateProject (H/T to the Huffington Post).

The first states to report are Indiana and Kentucky, then Virginia, Vermont, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Ohio is scheduled for 630PM Central. If Georgia, Virginia, and Florida go for Obama, there’s no need to watch the rest. If they go for McCain, then prepare to be up for a while.

This Kid has a Great Future Ahead of him

October 26, 2008

In Palm Beach County, FL, Kathryn E. Cunningham/Canal Point Elementary has their own TV channel. According to their youtube page, since the beginning of September of 2008, KEC TV has been covering the presidential election for the students at the school.

Check out 5th grader Damon Weaver’s interview of VP Candidate Joe Biden. Great stuff!

(h/t to Huffington Post)

My Electoral Map – Friday 10/24

October 24, 2008

Here’s my map as it stands today. I have 259 solid electoral votes for Obama; one of the main reasons this race is nearly over is because of such a high solid number.

This map shows that Obama has increased his lead by picking up Ohio and Missouri.

Unlike the polls, I believe that McCain has no shot in Pennsylvania; I also have a feeling that North Carolina will go to McCain.

Leaning Obama states: Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia, Florida.

Leaning McCain states: Montana, North Dakota, Indiana, West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia.

Possible states to shift to Obama in the next 10 days: Indiana (11 votes).

Early Voting Starts Today

October 20, 2008

Here’s all the info you need to vote in Dallas:

*Check on your registration – You can view your ballot ahead of time (link)

* General Election Info (link)

*When and where to early vote (link)

*Demonstration of Touch Screen Voting Machine (Flash player required) (link)

*Services Available to Voters with Special Needs in Texas (link)

*League of Women Voters’ Online Voters Guide (link)

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

October 19, 2008

On Meet the Press, ex-Secretary of State Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama for President.

Powell served as President Bush’s secretary of state from 2001 to 2005. Check it out. The second vid is the interview after Powell’s appearance on Meet the Press.