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PPT at Lee Harveys

October 26, 2007

This Saturday, the infamous Lee Harvey’s is having it’s Third Annual Halloween Bash Up featuring PPT, Shanghai 5, and many others. The festivities start at 8PM. Pikahsso is my homie, straight up. My long lost South Dallas cousin. More like my soon-to-be Grammy nominated cousin!

Most people don’t know that a 3-4 years ago when we met up, Pikahsso was one of the first people to get me on the air and allow me to talk to the youth and young adults during his shows. Pikahsso and his co-hosts gave me this crazy nickname which some of y’all know. I appreciate all of the conversations over the years.

Just remember this line homie …. we know the lines to live by as we ignore the haters:

“End of the story, I followed the code, I cracked the safe/
Other cats ain’t in the game, so they practice hate.”

Anyway, come through if you can. Witness another positive hop-hip and rock event with a bunch of groups that have talent for days.

PPT could get Grammys?

October 23, 2007

Yes, it’s true. Local hip-hop supergroup PPT (Pikahsso, Picnic, and Tahiti) mades the Grammy selection list of which groups can actually get nominated for a Grammy. This is a list of less than 100 groups out of all the artist nationwide.

I’m so proud of my homies right now. While there are dozens of artists on this list, the fact that they continue to be a positive group and are becoming successful speaks volumes. They are prime examples of not compromising themselves and being patient for their success. Their link is in my link section on the right side of the page.

They are on the short list of potential candidates in the following categories:

Best Rap Performance by a Duo or a Group – Work It Out- PPT
Best Rap Song – Work It Out – PPT
Best Rap Album – Tres Monos In Love – PPT

SPEAK Project at the Ridglea Theater

October 16, 2007

My homie Pikahsso wanted me to pass the word on an event comping up on Saturday October 20th.

More after the jump.

Mark your calendars for Sat. October 20th. @ 3PM. People Bring your Kids and Entire Family

We will be participating in the first annual SPEAK Project at the Ridglea Theater! (map)

This is an ALL-AGES even and is the first event of it’s kind.

It’s goal is to raise awareness about HIV, STD’s and substance abuse in D/FW. Please come show your support and begin spreading the word NOW!!!

This event will be HUGE and we’ll be performing alongside some of our favorite local bands including PPT, The Burning Hotels, The Cut-Off and also DJ sets by Prince William.

Check out SPEAK on myspace and add them NOW!!!
Hope to see you all there!

PPT wins Dallas Observer Award

August 15, 2007

PPT wins Dallas Observer Award

Local hip-hop supergroup PPT has won the 2007 Dallas Observer Music Award for best hip-hop group. The award show was last night.

Shouts to my fam Pikahsso, Picnic, and Tahiti on a job well done. It couldn’t happen to a better bunch music group or a better bunch of people.

April 6, 2007

Where Have you Been?

Some of you have been looking for posts lately….This picture from my buddy Pikahsso pretty much sums it up.

I’m taking a vacation.

November 28, 2006

Helping Picnic is also Tax-Deductible!

Skin at Quick (link) reports that the DREAM Fund has stepped in to help our homie Picnic of PPT.

Don’t forget about the fundraiser/concert on Sunday, December 3rd at DoubleWide in Deep Ellum. A ton of people are going to be performing. More info on the show is here.

November 22, 2006

Tragic Fire Hits Prominent Local Rap Group

You probably heard about the fire the other night which destroyed an apartment building in Plano (link).

One of my friends, Picnic from PPT, lost everything in that fire including his studio. PPT is the group with the hot Independent Album Tres Monos in Love, and are also behind the Dallas Mavericks Playoffs Theme Song “Rowdy Loud and Proud.”

Family supports family in times of need, and Pikahsso, Picnic, and Tahiti know I’ll always have their backs.

Pikahsso told me today that there will be a fundraiser at DoubleWide (link) on December 3rd. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.