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February 19, 2007

Hypocrisy and Porn Stores

I have read some great articles on the New Fine Arts fiasco. Shawn Williams at Dallas South Blog has been doing a great job of covering the issue, and Scott Goldstein at the DMN has written some great pieces as well.

In Scott’s article, Ed Oakley says, “they should not open it,” and, “they should figure out a way to minimize their loss.”

It’s funny though. Oakley wasn’t so strong about opposing it at the community meeting (which I did attend since it was at my Church). He simply said they have the legal right to open it due to the 5% rule (the absurd rule that sexually oriented businesses must have access to 5% of the City’s land for development) and shrugged his shoulders.

Now because he has seen that it can be politically favorable to come out against it, he feels they should have consulted with the community.

Give me a break!

Ed Oakley’s the one that gave the infamous Classic (Townview) Motel their SUP when he was on the City Planning Commission. He has done NOTHING to change the laws…other than voting to reduce the City of Dallas’ sexually oriented business fee to $750 in 2002. When Oakley supported the reduction in fees, he hid behind a City law as justification instead of doing something about it.

This time, I won’t let allow him to see which way the wind blows and capitalize on an issue. Some of us can see right through that act.