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May 10, 2007

Follow the Toll Road Money

Jim Schutze has a great article this week (“Road Rage“) regarding the reason that the powers that be want to keep the toll road as-is. Check out this quote, then read the article:

Wilbur Smith found that if the city kept the toll road at what the public had voted for—45 miles an hour with generous access to the park—the toll money from the road would produce only $70 million toward cost of construction.

But if the city lopped off all the access to the park, limited the access to downtown, provided no access at all to southern Dallas and jacked the speed limit up to 55 miles per hour, it could raise $150 million for the project. The Wilbur Smith study also suggested strongly that the city would need to allow trucks.


April 12, 2007

Laura Miller Threatens to Suppress Voters?

Reading Back Talk, one of my favorite blogs from the publishers of the Lakewood Advocate magazine, it sure looks that way. Check out their post.

Schutze said the same thing on Unfair Park.

Cited in the Back Talk post is the KRLD podcast from the Ernie & Jay show, during which Laura Miller says things like:

On the issue of toll roads having their toll booths removed once the road costs are paid in full (like it used to be):

“Those days are over….there’s never going to happen that we’re going to build toll lanes when a toll disappears (her bad grammar, not mine).”


I leave you with a quote from Jim’s article:

Obviously the money bullies are going to line up against this petition drive, with Mayor Laura as the lead bully. What an absolutely depressing and totally disappointing legacy for her to leave behind.

74 days left to the inauguration, and the end of the LM era! What a happy day that will be!

March 20, 2007

My Response to the DMN Editorial

This morning, The Dallas Morning News printed a joint letter from Ron Kirk and Laura Miller which supported the Trinity River Project.

Let it be known that Ron Kirk is the treasurer and secretary of the Trinity Trust, the foundation that’s pushing for the Trinity Tollway as planned.

Let it be known that Laura Miller wants to use pre-Katrina standards for this road.

I know the voters are smart enough to look at the facts, check out, and decide if they want a toll road with no access to the park.

I know the voters are smart enough to realize that Southern Dallas will flood if the toll road goes in. I know the voters are smart enough to realize that the downtown business interests want to use the project to fatten their pockets at the expense of the taxpayers. Does anybody else have a better reason why the landowners don’t want the road going down Industrial Boulevard?

I know that the voters can count well enough to realize that the project was barely approved by voters in it’s old form (2300 votes) and now know that the cost of the project has more than tripled to over $1 billion dollars.

Based on your phone calls and e-mails since TrinityVote was made public, I know you see the absurdity of saying that traffic is an issue but are totally against a toll road being built

I know the Mayoral candidates are smart enough to realize that they can’t win the election by supporting the project in its current form.

The best way to keep up on my postings regarding the Trinity River project are by clicking the label below this post titled ‘Trinity River.’

We can stop the nonsense and fleecing of Dallas taxpayers. Join TrinityVote.

March 15, 2007

Trinity Tollway Debate on KRLD

Angela Hunt debated Alan Walne on the Thursday’s Ernie & Jay show regarding the merits (or lack thereof) of putting a tollway in the Trinity. Click here to listen to the podcast (mp3 format).

Side note: Alan Walne serves on the Parkland Board of Managers (link) with big-dollar Trinity backer Louis Beecherl…who employed Bill Ceverha as a lobbyist…who tried to make a public stand at the TrinityVote kickoff on Wednesday and was paid by Beecherl to defeat a light-rail referendum in 1998…so there’s that.

In the meantime, check out these photos from Houston after Tropical Storm Allison.

Think about having a road build to pre-Katrina standards, as Laura Miller wants to do.

(I-45 & I-10, Downtown Houston)