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Laura Miller still "Holier than Thou"

October 3, 2007

…and she still knows better than you what you need in your Council District.

Today’s Dallas Morning News features Laura Miller riding in on her broom and waxing poetic about how she had these great ideas that no one would listen to about City Hall and blah blah blah regarding her ideas about council districts. More after the jump.

We don’t need any “superdistricts” of council members or planning commissioners making decisions; that’s another way of going back to a non 14-1 system. Of course, that’s also the only way that her inability to build consensus would ever be rewarded. We already have such a system in place; it’s called a majority vote!

This is the same woman that tried to sideline our Business Assistance Center and job training site last summer and ended the ability for Block Grant money to be used for “brick-and-mortar” (i.e. building) projects. She led the charge in raiding the South Dallas Trust Fund for security cameras. And so on.

Laura didn’t think it wasn’t a problem when her Preston Hollow street got paved when it was nowhere near at the top of list from the streets department. In fact, the street was shown to be in good shape via the City of Dallas grading system. I guess “the system” worked fine in that case.

Didn’t she have a hand in Leonard Jones not being at the Cedar Crest Golf Course anymore, causing the City to lose hundreds of thousands in revenue and 600 poor kids to lose their youth golf program and free golf lessons? (story here)

Miller’s quote from a story on Leonard Jones at the time of his removal: “Right now, he’s not working there,” said Mayor Laura Miller. “I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon.” She also wouldn’t let anyone talk on camera about the issue.


She did absolutely nothing about hot-sheet motels, drugs, or anything else in the southern sector. I’m not sure if she visited anywhere in the south during her last term other than North Oak Cliff. However, our new Mayor has publicly pledged to support our efforts to clean up our communities. We’re still better off without her as Mayor.

No matter what, an issue still needs 8 votes to pass at council. In some cases, items need a 2/3 vote to pass.

For a council member to get a special item on the agenda it takes seven signatures. The Mayor can do that without co-signers.

Be clear, I am not defending anyone’s alleged actions regarding the FBI investigation. What I am saying is that Laura has a lot of nerve trying to come in on her high horse and broad brush with this holier than thou routine.

I guess she got a little coverage by wagging her finger from on high. Now we can get back to business.