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July 20, 2007

Dallas Progress Awarded Best of Big D Award

D Magazine has given me the Best of Big D award, recognizing yours truly as one of Dallas’ “10 New Media Stars.” The others include my buddy Allen Gwinn of, Matt Pulle from the Observer, and Jennifer Floyd Engel of ESPN 103.3 radio.

I feel humbled for the recognition of my little blog. The Best of Big D party is always a blast. It was good to bring my wife to meet all of the people in our media world. On top of that, there’s not many places where you can listen to a great cover band and eat food from Perry’s, Texas de Brazil, Palomino, Nicola’s, Asian Mint, Go Fish, etc.

In addition to seeing old friends like Allen Gwinn, Paul Kix & Trey Garrison, I made a lot of new friends as well. Jennifer Floyd Engel, who is somehow called the Little Ball of Hate, is one of the coolest people I met.

As usual, my wife made me look good by being gorgeous, witty, and smart. The first lady held it down for me last night.

As the article says, ten years from now I’ll lose my edge so I guess I better get back to blogging.

Click the picture to see the full page.

July 9, 2007

Dwaine Caraway in D Magazine!

As you know, tackling Dallas’ dangerous stray dog problem is a main part of Dwaine’s 20-point plan. This month’s D Magazine has a feature article in which Dwaine is prominently mentioned regarding this issue. It’s the most in-depth article written on this subject in years.

A couple of months ago, we took D Magazine’s Rod Davis on a ride through South Oak Cliff. This article is the result. Check out the article on the media page of (link).

January 10, 2007

Midweek Rant

I learned a new definition of courage vs. cowardice of elected officials on my first trip to the Texas Legislature on Tuesday.

So… people may finally get indicted for DISD Credit Card Fraud. Only 18 months too late. But Allen Gwinn of discovers that the bill for using high-paid lawyers at an estimated $500 per hour to is approaching $1 million. Allen appropriately raised the question as to why costly lawyers are chasing down credit card receipts.

Tim Rogers at Frontburner reports that Gary Griffith (or at least the people that set up his website) may not know who is the police chief. Wasn’t Ben Click like two Chiefs and 7 years ago? Even better is the warm, fuzzy, snippy reply he got from a guy working on GG’s campaign. The rumor that this is a picture of said consultant in his campaign office is unconfirmed as of press time. Me…I would’ve said “somebody screwed up,” gave TR a tip-o-the-hat and moved on.

My homie Blair at Pegasus appropriately turns up his BS meter when lamenting on the sad state of weather reporting in DFW.

While Tony Romo got 99.9% of the blame in Dallas’ loss, this guy fumbled on Dallas’ 1-yard line, causing a safety and cost the Cowboys the game as well. And who called that play anyway? To wit, my hometown squad looked like geniuses for this midweek move. Go Eagles!

Police stats are great, but where I live people are dropping and disappearing like flies.

Craig Watkins is our DA. And will be for the next four years. So at least give him a shot.

(Sidebar: Nobody is this dense, right?)

The sentences are coming down for the Aggtownz Fights DVDs case. Two guys are looking at life in jail. The lesson: don’t mess with Tarrant County.

The Dallas County Jail system proves that getting locked up for minimal charges, spending four days in jail, and being scared for your life is an equal opportunity deal. 76-year olds get treated like everybody else. On KRLD’s Ernie & Jay show, this poor woman detailed her jail stay which included (among other things) hiding under a blanket to escape the backflow that spewed out of the toilet.

My buddy Trey Garrison left DallasBlog to become a contributing editor at D Magazine. Trey was the first writer/blogger to do video blog interviews in Dallas, now everybody’s doing it.

Thank you to all of the bloggers all over Texas who have supported me and linked to Dallas Progress. There’s strength in numbers!

November 6, 2006

Paul Kix on Insights

Did y’all see Paul Kix of D Magazine (link) on Shaun Rabb’s Insights on Fox 4?

Paul talked about a case of wrongful ID in a criminal case, along with Bob Ray Sanders of the Fort-Worth Star Telegram and the brother of the falsely accused.

Paul is on the rise. He was with the Dallas Observer before he started writing for D. At the Observer, he wrote great stories on payday lending, the Oak Cliff Boxing Club, and others.

Great interview Paul. We look forward to following the case.

August 30, 2006

Deep Ellum Takes a Hit

Paul Kix at D Magazine says that Tarantino’s in Deep Ellum has closed.
It’s a sad day for that area. From what I’ve heard it was one of the classier establishments in Deep Ellum, and a fine restaurant. I was intrigued by the place, it reminded me of the type of Italian restaurant I would see back home.

Here’s to hoping that the restaurant resurfaces.

August 9, 2006

Forbes’ Best Cities for Singles List is Out

Shouts to my homie Adam at D Magazine for the scoop on the Forbes Magazine piece. Dallas dropped to 29th (out of 40 cities), from a ranking of 20th in 2005. The cities ahead of Dallas include Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Columbus, and Sacramento.

Here is the list (link).

The list ranks cities according to several categories: Singles, Nightlife, Culture, Coolness, Online Dating, Cost of Living, and Job Growth.

Such ratings may seem silly to some people, but a lot of people read this list.

Dallas scored decently in the areas of job growth and cost of living. Which means that Dallas has a good story but no one is getting the story out to the rest of the county.

Maybe if they read my article on retaining top talent (link), we’d fare a little better.

July 18, 2006

Looks like a Landslide

Many people have let Steve Blow have it over his article on Tuesday.

Get it right, I am appalled by the shooting at Club Angel. Many families have been victims of gun violence, including my own family. I just hate lazy reporting that clouds the issue instead of getting at the root of the problem.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only person who thought the articles written on Tuesday were ridiculous.

The verdict is in from:

Sam at the Dallas Observer.

Blair Lovern at Texas Gigs.

Adam at D Magazine also linked to our story.

And of course, my people at Dallaspeeps had my back.

July 5, 2006

Review of the W and Ghostbar

Every now and then we will look at social aspects of Dallas. Tim Rogers at D Magazine had this eye-opening review of the W Hotel, it’s rooftop Ghostbar, and restaurant Craft.

Since yours truly wasn’t an invited bigshot, I hope this opens your eyes.