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Good Move – Business Leaders get Involved

October 6, 2008

The DMN has a story today about business leaders that will meet with DISD Superintendent Michael Hinojosa on a regular basis.

I believe this is a good move. The DISD needs experienced financial executives to help deal with this mess.


Selective Prosecution

September 22, 2008

I saw an post on a local blog, that questioned why the city would consider spending $30-70,000 on a study to determine whether or not the city should renovate the Convention Center Arena (CCA).

Spending the money is a good idea. With the future convention center hotel, the development in the Cedars and the coming JPI development the arena would be a great complement to the area and to the city. It would be a different animal than the Center at Fair Park since it’s enclosed. Plus, it wouldn’t be a “junior Nokia” as stated in the blog post since the CCA has 9,800 seats and Nokia holds 6,350. In addition, the CCA has 96 meeting rooms.

Who knows, maybe these haters can help the operators of Nokia start a referendum to stop the city from spending a few million on the arena (I kid). Nokia will be a a major disadvantage if this renovation gets done. There is no development anywhere in Grand Prairie that can compete with downtown Dallas. The Nokia theater benefited from the right of first refusal deal that AAC had in place which killed Reunion Arena. As pointed out in the DMN piece, the Convention Center Arena has no such handcuffs.

Do certain blogs have an agenda? Maybe, maybe not. But you can best believe that if Mayor Leppert, Dwaine Caraway, or Ron Natinsky suggest anything in this city the same blog crew will be there to try to shoot it down. It’s been happening ever since TrinityVote. I think that dissenting points of view can be healthy for a city, but surely everything that the aforementioned officials do isn’t a bad idea.

Put some naming rights on the arena and the the renovation pays for itself or close to it. Done, next. Surely in a city like Dallas you could find a corporate sponsor (Comerica, JPI, Southwest) to pay a few million to help foot the bill. Then we can put our focus back onto other issues.

DISD Bond Passes

May 10, 2008

The DISD Bond Vote has passed. I may have more to say later, and it’s not about the result. I just thought that more people cared one way or the other to exercise their right to vote; I guess I was wrong.

Thank You Carla Ranger

October 25, 2007

Last night, DISD District 6 school board Trustee Carla Ranger held her Community Education Forum at Carter High School.

My pastor, Rev. Bryan Carter of Concord Missionary Baptist Church gave a great message as well. I was also impressed by Leslie Williams, who is Executive Director of the Superintendent’s Learning Community (pdf link). Mr. Williams was a Principal of the Year when he served at Skyline High School.

Thank you for the information and allowing citizens to ask questions and learn more about the changes in the DISD.

Mrs. Ranger has stated that this will be the first in a series of sessions that will move around her District.

DISD Community Forum

October 23, 2007

Our DISD school board Trustee Carla Ranger is having a Community Education Forum on Wednesday at 6:30 PM. Come out to Carter High School and join us!

My pastor, Rev. Bryan Carter of Concord Missionary Baptist Church will be the guest speaker. Come get an inspirational and relevant message and learn about the future of DISD and District Six.

Click photo to enlarge.

May 25, 2007

Clear Backpacks?

Allen Gwinn at reports that the DISD School Board voted to require all students to get clear backpacks. If a student can’t afford a bag, DISD will give them one. That one bag will likely turn into several bags, since anyone who has attended school in the last 20 years knows that clear backpacks don’t hold up.

Gwinn correctly surmises that

… concerns may be valid–especially if the goal of the program is to “speed up the process” of screening them.

Items carried in the bags such as clothing, books and other smaller bags are not required to be clear meaning that prohibited items may be concealed and escape scrutiny.

Of course, this effort was led by Jerome Garza. I guess there weren’t any districts to redraw this meeting, so he had to keep busy.

The usual 4 votes passed this nonsense: Jerome Garza, Nancy Bingham, Edwin Flores and Board President Jack Lowe.

Kudos to Trustees Ranger, Ellis, and Medrano for voting against this nonsense.