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New Black College Game for Dallas

August 12, 2008

A new HBCU football game is coming to Dallas.

On November 29th, Texas Southern University will play Arkansas Pine-Bluff at the Cotton Bowl. This is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Adding more football games to the Cotton Bowl is a good thing, especially during a holiday weekend where a lot of people will be in town.

As was said last night by City Manager Mary Suhm at our District Four town hall meeting, tourists are great for cities because they spend money in our city but don’t require ongoing city services.


March 11, 2007

The Cotton Bowl and Public Trust

Since the Cotton Bowl Athletic Association voted to move the game to the new Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington (beginning in 2010), I keep seeing articles and hearing talk shows with people trying to assess who’s to blame, polls asking whether or not we should fund the millions in improvements, etc.

What’s also disappointing is that several Mayoral candidates want to hijack the process and not fund the improvements. Here’s the vote breakdown of the major candidates in the Mayor’s race, according to the DMN:

Yes: Don Hill, Darrell Jordan, Sam Coats, Ed Oakley

No: John Cappello, Zac Crain, Roger Herrera

Maybe: Tom Leppert, Max Wells, Gary Griffith

(Side note: How could you say maybe? Stop the fence-sitting and make the call!)

Let me give you a quick history lesson: In November, voters approved Proposition 3 in the 2006 bond election by an 81-19% margin. Proposition 3 included the Cotton Bowl Improvements.

So I guess we’re hearing from the 19% that didn’t vote for Prop 3. Way before November, it was known long ago the the Cotton Bowl would be moved to the home.

Where were all you haters in November?

If you didn’t want the improvements funded, you shouldn’t have voted for it. I saw NO opposition to Prop 3 in last Fall’s election season. So deal with it. The City will give citizens an improved, more viable landmark that attract new games and make Fair Park more of a destination for visitors and residents alike.