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If You Don’t Give Eric Johnson a Chance, I have No Words for You

March 16, 2010
Anyone with a pulse can read this interview with incoming District 100 State Representative Eric Johnson and see that he has something special going for him. 
I guess where I differ than some is that I feel Eric would’ve won regardless of any indictment looming over the incumbent. I believe he would’ve won anyway.  
Eric was willing to work for your vote.  He and his wife were everywhere…from the MLK DART station, to East and Southeast Dallas, to West Dallas and beyond.  It will be good to see if he actually owns any clothing other than suits or campaign shirts, since that’s what it seems like he’s been wearing for the last nine months.
Equally important, when he spoke or wrote, he had ideas. He didn’t hide when questioned about his campaign, he admitted mistakes, and he kept working.  The voters of his district took notice; and that’s why he won.
This race speaks to one of the core issues in Dallas, and probably in other impoverished neighborhoods nationwide.  To me, there is a general lack of political mentorship in southern Dallas, of which the end result is incumbents who win time and again based on the fact that “they’re there” so to speak.  
What also results is entire neighborhoods that exist in a virtual tailspin of mediocrity, hamstrung by the lack of original ideas and political will to change things.  It’s almost like some entrenched politicians avoid new ideas as if it’s an indictment of their leadership.  It’s not.  That’s the equivalent of sticking with Windows Me when Vista has been around for years and Windows 7 has been released.
There are some exceptions, but for the most part I am correct. There are some political leaders that will shrug off what I wrote, and that’s fine.  There are exceptions in Dallas to what I’ve written in this piece. However, if it makes you upset, take someone under your wing and prove me wrong. We need positive, encouraging guidance to continue improving our communities in the future.  
Go forth Eric, do your best to bring your ideas to fruition and uplift District 100.

My Take on Unleashed Dog Park

March 19, 2009

A lot has been made out of the decision by the owners of Unleashed to ban pit bulls from their facility. This was a request made by their insurance company.

Having met the Acrees I can tell you that they have very high standards for the facility and business, and I applaud their decision. This is a top-notch facility unlike any other in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I’m glad they decided to locate in District Four.

When we met with Acrees a little more than a month ago , I had a lot of questions; The dog attack that happened at White Rock Lake Dog Park was fresh in my mind. All questions were answered. They have also been willing to partner with the community and have numerous meetings with the surrounding neighborhood.

Everyone from the Acrees to top officials in Animal Services have educated me on the fact that leashed animals can upset an environment in which unleashed dogs are present. Animal services have also informed me that dogs that are always tethered become much more aggressive than untethered dogs over time.

Ironically, the same night this story broke, I had taken an official from Animal Services on the road to a neighborhood meeting to provide info about dangerous dogs and facts about animal control. And then I came home to watch this story on the news.

Pit Bulls are a problem, and have been a problem. We can have the silly debate all day long about chihuahuas being more aggressive but the difference is a Pit Bull can kill you.

Unleashed and the Acrees are a welcome addition to District Four. I look forward to watching their business grow. I encourage you to join us on March 28th as we celebrate the official opening of Unleashed Indoor Dog Parks.

New Site is Up

March 17, 2009

The new site is up.

It includes links to Dwaine’s Facebook group and current events, as well as a list of achievements during his tenure on the council. For those people that consistently focus on Dwaine’s sagging pants efforts like nothing else is being done, I would suggest you look here.

It also includes info on requesting city services, registering for updates, and lots of other useful info. One of my favorite things on the site is our South Central newsletter, published by our South Central Service Area Coordinator Katina Johnson.

I didn’t want to make it too fancy as we have some residents that are still on dial-up internet. I know that sounds ridiculous, but there are still places in District Four and all over the city that are not served by DSL or cable internet, much less U-verse.

As with any site, it will have some bugs. Feel free to report them by contacting us via the website.

District Four Scoop

January 16, 2009

For some time, the usual band of haters have been trying to find someone to run against District Four Councilman and Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway.

They can’t find anyone. Citizens in District Four know that we basically work 24/7 for the District and see the District is on the rise. The most disappointing part is that some of the people that are making the most noise are people that Dwaine has helped since he has been in office. That’s life.

Of course, the word would get back to me. We’re out in the streets daily.

Not even the promise of major campaign money from people that don’t like the progress that is being made in District Four is enough of an enticement for any potential opponent.

Good luck with that.

Before I forget…two more motels are coming soon to the shut down list. We’re 4-0 so far, so rent those rooms while you can!