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June 29, 2007

TrinityVote = On!

As you may have heard, we got our signatures. We needed 48,000 and got 80,000! That’s not a typo. Apparently, most all of the sigs have been verified before being turned in to City Hall.

It’s tough, because in this process I disagree with some people that I really like and hold a high level of regard. But this is about safety and carrying out the will of the people.

Angela is amazing. And so are all of the people that volunteered and did way more than me in this effort to bring the matter in front of the voters. Once again, she stated the voting for TrinityVote would not endanger any of the plans for the Trinity River Project.

Again, I am not opposed to the project but I am opposed to a high-speed tollroad going through the middle of the park. I am more worried about people that live in South Dallas, Cadillac Heights, Oak Cliff, West Dallas, and Pleasant Grove being losing their homes and dying. If we have 80,000 then hopefully we’ll have 80,000 people show up at the polls in November.


June 26, 2007

The Inauguration Recap

It was a great day.

First, my wife and I hit the Meyerson for the inauguration breakfast. There, former (!) Mayor Laura Miller read proclamations to the outgoing council members and presented plaques to the new members as well.

After breakfast, we went into the main auditorium for the official inauguration ceremony. Dr. Sheron Patterson emceed the festivities, and the one and only Bishop Larry McGriff of the Church of the Living God closed out the ceremony. From North Dallas to South Oak Cliff, the festivities were truly diverse.

I’m really excited about this new council. I think the combination of a Mayor like Tom Leppert with folks like Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, Angela Hunt, Dave Neumann, Carolyn Davis, Steve Salazar and others will signal a new era of cooperation and progress.

I bumped into Tom in the Mayor/Pro tem suite yesterday and one of the things he said was “I’m coachable.” I think that’s one of the qualities that was missing from the other candidate and the former Mayor. Nobody has all of the answers, but I think he is a person that will give the council members the opportunity to succeed.

Although the month-long council break starts after Wednesday’s council meeting, you can rest assured that many council members will be hard at work in their communities.

Some pics from inauguration day…

Mike D & Deputy Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway (District 4)

MD & Angela Hunt (District 14)

Mike D & Mayor Tom Leppert

MD and Dave Neumann (District 3)

Bishop McGriff giving the benediction – Dallas Inauguration 2007

The full slideshow

May 10, 2007

Letter to Backers of Vote Thugs

Angela Hunt sent the following letter to the backers of the vote thugs that are trying to intimidate the TrinityVote petition volunteers. Thanks to Unfair Park for the PDF. Those backers include the Citizens Council, Harlan Crow, Ron Kirk, and others.

How low the Mayor has stooped. Only 45 days left to her disaster of a tenure as Mayor!

May 10, 2007

Follow the Toll Road Money

Jim Schutze has a great article this week (“Road Rage“) regarding the reason that the powers that be want to keep the toll road as-is. Check out this quote, then read the article:

Wilbur Smith found that if the city kept the toll road at what the public had voted for—45 miles an hour with generous access to the park—the toll money from the road would produce only $70 million toward cost of construction.

But if the city lopped off all the access to the park, limited the access to downtown, provided no access at all to southern Dallas and jacked the speed limit up to 55 miles per hour, it could raise $150 million for the project. The Wilbur Smith study also suggested strongly that the city would need to allow trucks.

May 7, 2007

Vote Thugs being Used at Early Voting Sites

The Right brain/Left brain blog is reporting that the Trinity cheerleaders have hired vote thugs (some from out of state) to dissuade people from signing the petition.

We told you this was coming.

But dig deeper, and you will see that Steve Blow admits that he hasn’t read the proposition. Check this out:

So, yesterday afternoon, when things slowed down, I suggested to “my” blocker that we call Steve. I was transferred to him right away. I identified myself, and that a representative from the opposition was also there with me, and we both wanted to ask some questions. After he got past the first five minutes of stammering, I questioned his statement that everyone knew the toll road was in the mix from day one. He responded that the issue was in the newspaper. I asked if he had read the actual wording of the Proposition. “No,” was his reply. Can you believe it? He finally agreed that if you didn’t read the Morning News, and had just gone to the polling place that day, you WOULD NOT have known a toll road was in the mix. How’s that for an informed journalist?

Thanks to Unfair Park for the heads-up.

May 4, 2007


Everyone knows that how I feel about the Trinity River Project in its current form. Again, I’m not against the Trinity Project, just against the rising price tag and the falsehood which says that a high-speed tollway must be part of the deal. Along with my own thoughts, I want to bring you some different writers over the course of the next two months.

The first is Rick Wamre of the Advocate Group of Magazines. His current editorial is a great way to lead off this series. Rick, thanks for letting me use this piece! Check it out:

Click to view editorial

May 1, 2007

TrinityVote Exposes the Truth

For months, Laura Miller has been touting that Bill Eager and Alex Krieger are 100% behind the changes in the “Balanced Vision Plan,” which currently governs the Trinity River Project, tollroad and all.

Miller’s last public spouting about this matter was heard on KRLD yesterday in a debate with Angela Hunt. Straight from the TrinityVote website:

What referendum opponents fail to admit publicly is that the plan currently under development is NOT the Balanced Vision Plan.

On the TrinityVote blog, the actual e-mails from Eager and Krieger are displayed which show that they too are troubled with the current road alignment. Check them out.

Now who are you gonna believe?

April 30, 2007

A Three-Step Process to Changing this City

1. Find out who’s on the ballot and have all of your voting information (link)
2. Check out the Dallas Progress Endorsements for May 2007 (link)

If you really want this city to be great, then you must vote! You don’t have to be deeply involved in politics to care about what happens to Dallas. All I’m asking is that you take 5 minutes of your time between now and May 12th to make sure that we have the right people at City Hall. We will have a mostly new city council, and with or without you this process will move forward. Do you have 5 minutes?

Make sure that your friends and family vote too. It’s that important.

April 30, 2007

Voting Primer – Dallas County Election Information

Here’s all the info you need to vote in Dallas:

*Check on your registration – You can view your ballot ahead of time (link)

*Check your registration by address – You can view your ballot ahead of time (link)

*List of all Elections – PDF File (link)

*When and where to early vote (link)

*State of Texas Early Voting Rules (link)

*Demonstration of Touch Screen Voting Machine (Flash player required) (link)

*Services Available to Voters with Special Needs in Texas (link)

*League of Women Voters’ Online Voters Guide (link)

April 24, 2007

Dallas Progress Endorsements for Dallas 2007

Without apologies and disclaimers, I offer my endorsements for the upcoming election.

I have only focused on the Mayor’s race and southern Dallas Council seats, with the exception of the District 14 seat.

District 3: Dave Neumann

Dave (website) has the skill set, experience, and most importantly the will to improve all of District 3, not just parts of it like his predecessor. Dave will be a leader in the fight to close illegal strip clubs, motels, and massage parlors/spas; he has been involved in those battles for years.

I do commend and am a big fan of Angela Phillips. At 17 years old, Angela Phillips (website) has expressed interesting and tangible ideas on how to effectively move her District forward. I hope that she remains involved no matter the results of this election.

District 4: Dwaine Caraway

(Full disclosure: I am working with Dwaine in his campaign).

District 4 has many issues to be addressed, and Dwaine (website) is by far the best candidate.

I have seen first hand how he is on call 24/7 for his District. Dwaine is the only person in this race with the guts to stand up to crime, drugs, and the needs of this District. Look at his 20-point plan and compare it to the plan or lack of plan by the other candidates in the race, and then make your decision about which candidate you support.

Gloria Hogg is supported by Maxine Reese. That should be enough to vote for someone else. Better yet, watch her WFAA commercial. James Eugene Thomas once used a phony address to try to run for election for this same seat in 2003, but withdrew once he was busted for living in DeSoto. He supported Maxine in the last election, but now rails against her in forums. Eugene claims to want to fight against motels and bad businesses, but why is one of the worst motels in the City in an area he touts as his base? Wouldn’t that have been a good place to start?

More on Dwaine at Dallas Progress: link


District 5: Betty Culbreath

Ms. Culbreath’s (website) body of work speaks for itself. She chaired the City Plan Commission twice. She has fought for the homeless. As chair of the Dallas Housing Authority board, Betty made sure that Ann Lott kept her position as CEO.

Betty knows when to turn up the heat on people and when to work with people. Betty understands development and knows the difference between good development and bad development. Betty has a plan for Oak Cliff and Pleasant Grove.

Betty is inclusive, but will tell it like it is. Regardless of the haters that try to give her a bad name, she has been a stalwart in the community and is most worthy of this seat.

I am also a big fan of Yolanda Faye Williams. Yolanda has excellent thoughts on addressing the issues that impact the District. She is an up and coming leader in southern Dallas.

District 7: Rev. Donald Parish, Carolyn Davis

In this race, I support two candidates because I feel they both would do a great job and be a gigantic improvement over the past person that took up space in this Council seat.

Rev. Parish (website) is a driving force in the revitalization of South Dallas. He helped us close the American Inn motel in South Dallas, and supports giving ex-offenders and working citizens an opportunity to succeed.

Carolyn Davis (no relation) has also been a tireless fighter on many important issues, and is also a great choice. Carolyn has the experience and the passion to do a great job at City Hall.

District 8: Erik Wilson

Erik (website) has great ideas and understands the complex issues of the District, and is willing to bring citizens together to work towards a solution.

District 14: Angela Hunt

This goes without saying. If you’ve read my blog in the past year you know that I am a huge supporter of Angela (website). She has helped all citizens in District 14, not just those that are well-off. After she won in 2005, she immediately went to Roseland Townhomes and participated in events and meetings. Before we met and I lived in Uptown, I had a problem with contractors that were building in my neighborhood. After one phone call, I got three calls from her office making sure that the problem was solved. That’s service! Despite what you may have heard, she has continually spoken up for affordable housing and lower-income citizens in her District.
Read my posts on Angela Hunt here.

Mayor: Don Hill, Sam Coats

Don Hill (website) is a worthy candidate. The so-called FBI investigation involving Don is losing credibility by the day. Until we hear different, I don’t think he should be judged on this issue. I do think that Don has to listen more when it comes to community-specific issues such as closing motels and placement of nightclubs, traffic lights and the like. However, along with Coats, I believe that Don will be the most accessible as Mayor when you look at the rest of the field.

At the Dallas Examiner forum, Hill asked all the right questions and did not get real answers from Tom Leppert, Ed Oakley, or Max Wells on several issues. Oakley arrived 30 minutes late and blamed scheduling (but everyone else was there on time). Leppert, Gary Griffith, Max Wells, and Darrell Jordan all left early to attend the Lake Highlands GOP Women’s Club Mayoral Forum. Griffith left right after his opening statement! I guess going to LH for the 3rd or 4th time was more important to them than the first African-American sponsored forum in the southern sector.

Ed Oakley did not answer when asked why he voted to reduce the South Dallas/Fair Park Trust Fund. When the issue of redistricting came about, he also declined to state his role in the last City Council redistricting which disenfranchised thousands of poorer minority citizens in his district in Oak Cliff as well as middle-class voters in Northwest Dallas. Oakley also did not answer questions about his role in supporting gentrification projects in his district and citywide.

When Wells talked about the southern sector, he did not mention that:

  • In 1988, Wells (as a city council member) tabled a resolution to have DART run rail from Parkland to South Oak Cliff.
  • In 1989, Wells opposed changing council from the 8-3 system to 10-4-1 or 14-1.

Sam (website) has shown the guts to oppose the Trinity Plan in its current form. You may say that the Trinity is only one issue, but it’s an issue with a $1 Billion (and counting) price tag that will forever change Dallas. We won’t be able to have a do-over on this one. We must get it right.

Sam can bring people together, but will not be a rubber-stamp at City Hall.

I have heard both sides of the story, and believe that Coats did address the TXI board situation. I got a lengthy bit of info from Downwinders and from Coats on how that last meeting went down.

For those who hate Sam b/c of TXI: Keep this in mind. On many boards, you are sometimes the lone voice of dissent. Sometimes you are the “1” in a 10-1 losing vote. We applaud folks like Angela for being the lone voice at City Hall against the current version of the “Trinity River Plan.” Apply the same theory to Sam. Fair is fair.

Sam shows up with or without cameras, sans entourage at southern Dallas events as shown here and when he attended the eminent domain townhall meeting in South Dallas a few weeks ago.

Make sure that you vote in this election! Too much is at stake! As always, my voting primer will be available a couple of days before the start of early voting (link).