Central Market: Service from a Bygone Era

As my friends know, I love to cook and I love to eat.  Like many self-proclaimed foodies, I shop at Central Market on Lovers Lane.  On Sunday I bought a package of ground beef at CM that didn’t seem fresh once I opened it.  I saved it and took it back to the store on Monday morining.

After the explaining the situation to Jocelyn, the customer service attendant, she apologized countless times and gave me a refund.  At my request she called for someone in the meat department, who also apologized upon inspecting the package.

A special thanks to Eric in CM’s meat department.  Not only was my money refunded, but at my request he opened another package of ground beef that I randomly picked as we discussed the situation.  Then insisted on giving me not one, but two free pacakges of ground beef (shown here on my stove).  Keep in mind that this was after my money was refunded.  Now that’s service!

There are always lots of complaint-related blog posts out there regarding poor service or bad food experiences, so I thought I would share one that has a good ending. Kudos to Central Market and two special employees for their great handling of an unfortunate situation.


3 Responses to “Central Market: Service from a Bygone Era”

  1. Nancey Says:

    Michael… I have been a diehard CM Shopper since they opened on Lamar Street in Austin. (… for many years) I was thrilled when they opened one in Dallas.I shop there quite often. I have only had one misshap like yours since they have been open. Agreed! Service and response was stellar. I don't agree with their beverage price-points … but, overall – CM offers a great shopping experience!

  2. Jocelyn Says:

    of course she was nice…her name was Jocelyn! 🙂

  3. Sally McMullin Says:

    Aaaahhh way to get a GOOD story out there! I love them too! I had a similar experience with a purchase there. They refunded the money AND gave me the merchandise! I'm a HUGE fan of GREAT customer service! Keep sharing! SM

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