Low-Income People can Live in Frisco, too

The fantastic Candy Evans at D Magazine’s Dallas Dirt brings us a story about opposition to a mixed-income housing development in Frisco because some of the residents will use Section 8 vouchers.

Like Candy writes, “working folks need to live somewhere and Frisco businesses complain they can’t find enough employees who want to drive in from more affordable areas.”   Stacy Brown (Frisco’s Housing and Grants administrator) states in the clip, “to grow with our businesses, we need those workers. We need them to be able to come here. Otherwise, we can’t staff our restaurants, hotels, retail.”

I couldn’t agree with them more.

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcdfw.com/video.

In addition, it’s not a low-income housing community.  It’s mixed income with some of the residents using Section 8 vouchers. 

For the gentleman in opposition in the news clip: the people that you’re so scared of are already in the city.  There the ones working in the Target and other stores near Stonebriar. Keep worrying about pre-conceived fears you’ve read about, your precious suburb will be just fine.  However, I think this might be more of a threat to your property values in Frisco.


4 Responses to “Low-Income People can Live in Frisco, too”

  1. Gerald Britt Says:

    Thanks for this Mike. Its the same idea behind CityWalk@Akard. You've gotta come by here and check it out!

  2. Zelda Rose Says:

    I posted a comment on the Dallas Dirt blog that's pretty close to your own story. Even though people in Frisco would never admit to it, they want to be as far away from "those people" as possible. Even though it's the labor of those people who make it possible for them to live the way they do. I'm so ready to move out of this city.

  3. Kai Stansberry Says:

    Where these ppl come from, I'll never know… Thank God Frisco understands what's at stake…

  4. mrsFAB Says:

    I guess I'm in the monority here. I dont want low income housing in Frisco.

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