Transformation has No Limits

I remember reading the story about a small block in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia some years ago.  The story detailed the 2500 block of East Gordon Street, once called “The Skid Row of Fishtown.”  It was a block so dangerous, it is the only block in the area without a Google Maps Street View image.  It was essentially an alley with houses.
I remember reading the first article like it was yesterday.  The block reminded me of the the one that held my late Grandmother’s house, a street so small you had to park your car 3/4 on the curb so cars could get through.

Now, according to the new story, the Lost Block has been awarded Philadelphia’s Most Beautiful.
This can be done in any city.  It didn’t require one politician.  It took a group of determined neighbors that said “enough is enough.”
There’s not much I can add, but I hope that this story will inspire you to work to clean up your own neighborhood. It may take years (eight years in the case of Gordon Street), but it can be done.


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