Smashburger: One of the Best

It has been known for some time that Smashburger is coming to Dallas. Everybody that knows me knows that I search high and low for the best burgers in Dallas. With that in mind, I got an invite to the pre-opening for Smashburger.
Leonard Davis and Marc Columbo of the Dallas Cowboys are among the investors. That alone gave me high hopes, because offensive lineman know about good food.
Ever since my beloved Chips on Cole Avenue closed (the building is STILL empty, by the way) I have been on a mission to find the best burgers in Dallas. To me, the best doesn’t mean it has to cost more than $15 and claim it’s gourmet.
(full disclosure per this new rule: I ate for free…and ate WELL for free)
Most places claim to have great burgers, and fail to live up to the hype. Other places have great burgers and terrible fries or vice versa. However, Smashburger has done a good job with all aspects.
Keep in mind that the burger is not expensive; the 1/3 lb ranges from $4.99-5.99, and the ½ lb goes for $5.99-6.99. A full meal will run about $10-12, which is not bad for fast-casual.
The restaurant’s name comes from the way they cook their beef, according to their website:

We start with 100% Angus Beef, smashed, seared and seasoned on the grill, placed on a butter-toasted artisan bun and topped with the highest-quality cheeses, freshest produce and condiments.

I would agree. I got the BBQ, bacon, and cheese smashburger with smashfries (tossed with rosemary, garlic, and olive oil). The fries are excellent, on par with the truffle fries at AMPM restaurant downtown (one of my faves for fries).
After my initial meal was served (you take a number like at Village Burger and they bring it to the table), they showed much love to yours truly by bringing two milkshakes: one vanilla and one lime (yes, lime).  The lime one was interesting; almost like key lime pie but not as overpowering as to go well with the food.  There were also fried pickles and chili cheese fries topped with jalapenos.   I found out they also have chicken sandwiches too. I’ll save that for a future trip (maybe – I’ll most likely try another burger).
Here’s their menu. I say it’s worth the trip, although word is they will open multiple franchises in DFW. For what I consider real burger prices, Smashburger ranks among the best in Dallas.

location (map):
4980 Belt Line
Addison, TX 75254


7 Responses to “Smashburger: One of the Best”

  1. V's Vibe Spot Says:

    When do the open to the general public?

  2. Brittny Says:

    I don't like you Michael! I know they would've let you bring a +1!

  3. Maggie ~:) Says:

    Oh my, that's a mouth watering burger!

  4. Michael Davis-Dallas Progress Says:

    Velisa: I think they open tomorrow.Britt: I found out late in the game but next time I got you! I get a lot of invites to stuff.Maggie: I think that's the first time that my burger looked better than the ones on the website!

  5. Perry Dorrell, aka PDiddie Says:

    Top notch and less than a mile from my house (I'm in H-Town). Here's a pic of it; it's near Reliant (the Astrodome area). Don't miss the "meat candy" description: fries are cut thin and thus get cold too fast, especially if you take out. Much fonder of the onion sticks — onion rings cut similarly potato-chip skinny (is that an oxymoron?).

  6. Michael Davis-Dallas Progress Says:

    Perry – Nice pics! I wish the one here was a mile or less from me (hating!).I've had Beck's Prime too in H-town, and I'd say that smashburger comes out ahead. The shakes are a better here too.

  7. larchlion Says:

    I recommend the Bacon, Avocado, Provolone Burger at State and Allen Lounge. My fav burger in the City.

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