New Downtown Sports Bar Opens

Thanks to my friends at Pegasus News, I found out that the Sheraton Dallas’ new high-end sports bar was open for business.

The Draft Media Sports Bar is a great looking space to catch a game. The verdict: the food is good…service is terrible.

I had the flat bread quesadilla which was surprisingly well seasoned and tasty. The bar is a great place to watch the game, as they have a 104-inch HDTV that makes for great viewing. There are pool tables and various seating set-ups which can accommodate different sized groups.

However, the service was really bad. I’ve tried to learn from my restaurant-critic friends that you have to give a place a little slack when they first open. However, the service issues were mainly due to inattentiveness. If you have three tables, why exactly do I have to wait 20 minutes for a coke refill? No bueno. And I shouldn’t have to tell you three times about my need for a refill or the check when you keep serving the table next to me. I tipped only to not be viewed as a cheapskate and for no other reason.

The service experience ended with the check folder being left on the table as she walked to a bigger (drunker) table. Newsflash: people that aren’t sloshed tip as well as drunks. No ‘thank you’ for service, no nothing…she just dropped off the check and left. That’s why I paid with cash because I knew she’d never come back…and I was right. Conversely, I’ve been to Ten Sports Grill on Main and my server never missed a beat and had way more tables and people to serve.

(side note: when I was at Ten, I thought about this post from D Magazine’s Zac Crain. Why? Because in a sports bar with 100+ people, only me and 1 other guy were watching the Rangers game. Byrd tied the game with an HR with 2 outs in the 9th! And a grand total 2 people clapped. The guy behind me with a Rangers cap to the back in stereotypical cornball fashion never peeked at the game. Probably liked the hat for the colors.)

Final verdict: at Draft Media Sports Bar the food is on point and the layout is fantastic. But to truly become a destination for people other than lay-up business from hotel guests, some major service training should be required. I suggest the servers work here for a week.


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