Cliff Cafe is Closed

As reported by several news and blog outlets, the Cliff Cafe is closed until September.

After recently having lunch with a friend there, I had already been back to eat again. I tried going for one last meal yesterday, but the windows were already covered with a friendly sign posted on the door.

Now they are undergoing a renovation and “will debut as brand-new concept this September,” according to the press release. The new concept will be managed by the owners of Oak Cliff’s Bolsa Market & Cafe and local chef Tim Byres, who recently served as executive chef at Stephan Pyles.

Cliff Cafe seemed to draw a good crowd; This will likely give the new place a good head start once they reopen.

I request that they leave the grilled chicken sandwich on the menu, as well as the mac & cheese. See you in September!


One Response to “Cliff Cafe is Closed”

  1. Rawlins Says:

    They will be missed and their return awaited since this is one of my favorite places in Dallas eating, period. Meanwhile I finnaly ate at Bolsa which as you say will be invoved…and I was as impressed as I had hoped to be.

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