Summer’s Coming – Time to Hang Out!

With Memorial day in the rear view mirror, it’s time to fully embrace Dallas.

In the last few weeks I have done a lot of things in and around Dallas. I’ve eaten at Screen Door, ALÓ, Royal Thai, and other spots. I’ve done some hiking at the Cedar Ridge Preserve, hung out at the Loft at Gilleys, and taken in the view of our skyline from Oak Cliff to the top of the Mercantile (see the header pic of this blog).

We have a lot to do in this town. Now that it’s summer, it’s time to go sit out on the lawn at Nasher and take in a movie or two as we did last year. I’m really looking forward to the completion of Main Street Gardens (though it’s a little ways from being open), which replaced a hideous block of buildings in the middle of downtown. The Dallas CityArts festival is coming in two weekends.

Until I saw the news on Saturday, I completely forgot about the 7-acre park in the Arts District that will be completed in four months. And there’s much more to do than I’ve listed. By the way, several of the things I’ve listed are FREE!

Life is what you make it. Dallas has a lot to see and do, don’t let it pass you by!


2 Responses to “Summer’s Coming – Time to Hang Out!”

  1. Rawlins Says:

    One of my favorite hike and bike parks is in Boulder Park at Red Bird and HWY 67. It is such an oasis and the topography so unique to Oak Cliff area terrain. Bikes and hiking either.

  2. bill h Says:

    I'm gonna take you up on that Rawlins. I love Cedar Ridge. I recently did a painted bunting hike there, to see that wildly colorful bird. Then a wildflower walk led by local Master Naturalist Jim Varnum. We have a lot more to offer in Dallas in Nature, than people think.

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