Two Elected Officials that Care about Education

A lot of people think that all the Mayor and others are thinking about is the Convention Center Hotel. It’s easy to fall into the trap because the haters post more blog comments and call radio stations every single week. Really, it boils down to a lot of hating by a small handful of vocal people.


Here is a video clip from last Monday, in which Mayor Leppert is talking about the West Dallas Education Task Force. According to their website: The primary goal of the West Dallas Education Task Force is to “establish a multi-faceted network of public and private schools offering excellent educational options to West Dallas families.” This ties into the Mayor’s belief that improvement starts with education.

Also, as we speak Dwaine Caraway is in the middle of his “Teen Summit on the road” trip as he takes 200 underprivileged kids to Austin for education and experiences at our State Capitol. A similar trip occurred last year, when we traveled to Houston and Galveston with no city tax dollars involved.

I would bet that both of them have visited more than 100 schools since they took office to talk to students about their future.

While people are busy hating on the Mayor and Dwaine, all they have to do is look beyond the everyday nonsense to see the types of things they are doing on a regular basis to positively affect the lives of Dallas youth.


2 Responses to “Two Elected Officials that Care about Education”

  1. Shawn Says:

    it’s the seen and unseen. these are two good public officials.

  2. daniel john Says:

    Such a nice post, it is really interesting, Thanks for share this information.

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