Craig Watkins on The View

My barber gave me the heads up that Dallas DA (and fellow customer) Craig Watkins was going to be on “The View” sometime soon. Thanks to Jennifer Emily of the DMN, I found out it was tomorrow.

We were talking about what’s next for Craig. The only show left is Oprah.

There’s always good info in the barbershop – some things never change.

The barbershop:




3 Responses to “Craig Watkins on The View”

  1. Rawlins Says:

    As a lifelong Dallas native, who lived for 35 years under Henry Wade’s tyrany, Craig Watkins is to me the moon and the stars hero. I ran into him once and shook his hand telling him ‘You are my hero and I thank you and cheer your success.’ As I earlier did Chief David Kunkle after being one of his predecessor’s, Terrell Bolton era victims. I’m color brand when it comes to recognizing heroes and other. Color does not make us good or bad men or women. But I celebrate anyone who seeks to right former injustices, of and to anyone or any color.

  2. Geo Says:

    Hello Michael, Question: Any update on the grocery store that was to open near the Hampton Target? Fiesta near Executive Airport is great, but has limited organic and health conscious items. Sam Ayala

  3. Michael Davis-Dallas Progress Says:

    An Aldi is under construction along wheatland in the same development. Looks like it will be finished in the fall.

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