Young Motivated Professionals vs. Internet E-thugs

Some of the stupid comments and blog posts that are out there imply that if you work for are related to someone well-known you can’t be a part of a grassroots or organized movement. I guess I should just be happy with my board seat and going to the club and never speak out, and the people that started RIP Dallas should do the same.

If people in our positions sit idly by and never vote and never say anything, we’re branded as do-nothings and typical generation (x/y/millennials/fill in the blank). When we do get together for good, the haters want to do a bunch of ridiculous attacks on the character of individuals that are part of this movement.

Some people feel that the “Grim” character was over the top. Well, that’s their problem.

Let’s get to the real deal; there are a whole host of internet-based e-thugs who have never volunteered a minute of their lives.
Newsflash: If you’re on a board at City Hall, you’re a volunteer. A lot of the people involved volunteer and donate time and resources to many organizations. Who do you think spends their time trying to make this a better city? If any of the e-thugs have the guts to go down to City Hall, sign up for time, and let their opinions be known. All it takes is a quick call to the City Secretary’s Office. One catch: you have to use your real name. That’s the same thing done by the people who spoke on behalf of RIP Dallas.

Does Crow Holdings have young people willing to take a stand? Still looking and waiting. RIP Dallas was 200+ deep at City Hall this morning. City Hall was at capacity, and dozens of us were in the Flag Room.

This is not some phony group; we come from all corners of the city. We volunteer, and we eat drink and spend money in the city of Dallas. We are hundreds deep and with our friends thousands deep.
Whether you all like the signs or not, these are young professionals that organized themselves to participate in the process. We vote, and our friends vote. Hate that.


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