Mercantile Place Grand Opening

Tonight, I got to attend the official grand opening for the Mercantile Place.

Mercantile Place actually consists of three buildings: Wilson Place, The Merc, and Element. The opening was for The Merc and Element.

The Element is a brand-new building, and the Merc is the fully restored and updated Mercantile National Bank Building. The Merc was once the largest building west of the Mississippi River for some time. This is the building with the multicolored spire which was recently lit for the first time in years.

I found our tour guide to be extremely knowledgeable of the history of The Merc. I had to leave before I got to check out the Merc’s vault, but I did get to see some amazing spaces.

I focused more on the views than on the inside of units. I will tell you that the finishes were top-notch (marble, granite, the works), and units featured Viking stoves and Bosch washers and dryers in each unit. The pictures here include the last penthouse in the Merc building which was recently leased. The cost: $6,300 per month. Rent for other units start from $1,299, which is reasonable for downtown in any city.

Check out the pics.


2 Responses to “Mercantile Place Grand Opening”

  1. Shawn Williams Says:

    This is obviously a big deal for downtown. I’m diggin’ the new header Mike D.

  2. Michael Davis-Dallas Progress Says:

    Thanks man – I’m working on the site little by little. When you see the high-end stuff getting leased, it tells you that people are coming hereRelocated execs, empty-nesters, and working people will be continue to be a boon to Dallas and our tax base. Some folks just can’t figure that out.

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