Comparing Saint Louis to Dallas?

A lot of the opponents of the hotel keep saying that the Dallas convention center hotel will fail, and they compare Dallas to St. Louis.

Nobody that reads this blog is dumb enough to believe that St. Louis is comparable to Dallas.

Since a lot of the opponents like stats, let’s look at stats from the US Census:

Population Saint Louis: 347,181
Population St. Louis MSA, MO/IL: 2,808,611
*note that St Louis includes both the Missouri and Illinois sides

Population Dallas: 1,232,940
Population Dallas MSA: 4,226,003 (excluding Ft Worth and Arlington)
Population Dallas-Fort Worth MSA: 6,300,006

Population growth of St. Louis Mo/IL metro: 11,245
Population growth of DFW metro: 146,532

So our population growth number is 13 times that of St Louis metro, and we’re twice as large on a metro basis and 3.5 times bigger on a city to city comparison.

We haven’t begin to compare other factors like the strength of the economy, weather, etc.

Look at the metro stats for yourselves (link), and ask yourself: how are they comparable again?


One Response to “Comparing Saint Louis to Dallas?”

  1. Rawlins Says:

    I was not ‘sold’ on the Convention Center Hotel until listening to Dwaine Caraway speak about it at our homeowner’s meeting. If you really walk through the information as he laid it out in linear form, the ‘No’ vote signs might crop up in your neighborhood as they did in mine.

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