Newspaper Attacks Local Black Churches

The Dallas Observer is at it once again with their attempts to attack the Black church under the guise of journalism. They have now taken it an extra step, which is to call the IRS and try to ask “questions” that will put the churches in hot water with respect to their tax exempt status.

Whenever a church tries to speak about an important political or social issue, you always have termites crawling out of the woodwork; these kinds of people try to make a big deal about it. So I guess if you disagree with someone’s views, and you don’t personally value the concept of church, it’s OK to demonize them however you see fit. This time, it’s centered around the issue of the Convention Center Hotel.

A lot of people have been wondering who are the writers that are running around stirring up animosity against Black churches in Dallas. The main person stirring up the IRS angle is with the Dallas Observer and his name is Sam Merten (pictures below):

He is the main writer that you will see running around with the Vote Yes crowd.

Again, if you see this person in your church he may attempt to report them to the IRS.

The churches that Merten has called the IRS in an attempt to ask “questions” are two of our most prominent in DFW: Concord Missionary Baptist Church and Highland Hills United Methodist Church. The Observer has also written about Friendship West Baptist Church and others in the past. Nine times out of ten, it’s in a negative light.

What you are seeing is the level that this so-called paper will stoop to for political victory. They have been writing articles and posts like this for some time.

I also believe that it is an attempt to scare other Black churches into falling in line during the future.

For the record, the anti-hotel group spoke at Concord four months ago. They knew that the Vote No crowd would not be there, but went ahead and spoke anyway. Sounds like they both had an opportunity to me.

For decades, newspapers and other media have constantly attempted to intimidate Black Churches. The Black Church will remain unbroken and unbowed; yet it’s good to know whom your enemies are.


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