Arrest in Chané Waldron Case!!

As you may have heard, there has been an arrest in the murder of Jessica Chané Waldron.

The low bail is very troubling to me but all we can do is leave it up to God and the justice system.

Lt. Craig Miller of DPD and head of the homicide unit, couldn’t have said it better.

“It’s just a tragic loss of a life and so much potential.”

I can’t thank the Dallas Police Department enough, and to the person that gave the tip…a whole lot of people are grateful to you.


2 Responses to “Arrest in Chané Waldron Case!!”

  1. To my voyage... Says:

    My family and I were deeply saddened to learn that Chane Waldron was the young lady struck down while waiting for her car a couple of weeks ago; I was more shocked to realize that today, when Baron James spoke it on Fox 4 News, was the first time that I heard Chane's name. I will admit that I'm not a "news hound" but, I obviously tune in from time to time -again, until today (to my knowledge), no mention of Chane by name -only referred to as "the victim" or "a former SMU student"?? If I missed something in a local news report over the past week and a half, someone please correct me! Our hearts are broken, and I am appalled.Chane was a beautiful young woman -a reflection of both her mother's image and her love. My sister and I called Chane's grandmother, "Aunt"; Chane and my daughter were friends growing up…she will be greatly missed, but we can take comfort in knowing that someday the sadness in our hearts will be replaced with sweet memories.AW & family -we love you. Fran, Lisa, Linda, & Winter

  2. Rawlins Says:

    Thank god this fool who intended to kill someone else (!) who killed this lovely young woman is about to pay the price. Unfortunately the price Chane’s family and friends will pay for the rest of their lives will be a greater punishment. I hate guns and Ireally hate people like this who routinely use them to be ‘big’. They are smaller than micro rodents.

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