Brint Ryan Donates $1 Million to UNT-Dallas!

UNT alum and philanthropist Brint Ryan has donated $1 million to the University of North Texas-Dallas. This makes Brint the first member of the UNT Dallas Founders Circle.

Brint Ryan is the founder of Ryan & Company, a large tax services firm based in Dallas. Brint is also a Dallas City Council candidate for District 13, which includes Preston Hollow and parts of Northwest Dallas.

According to the press release, UNT-Dallas president-designate Dr. John Ellis Price said the gift is the largest from a private individual in the nine-year history of the Campus.

Brint realizes that in order for colleges to thrive they need resources, and that education is a vital requirement for the success of Dallas’ youth. He made a similar donation to the UNT’s main campus a few years back.

To me, this is very important. It shows that people north of the Trinity are equally interested in the success of colleges in southern Dallas.

Kudos to Brint for his generous contribution! We need more people to step up in the same fashion.


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