Jessica Chané Waldron: 1/27/85 – 3/29/09

As you know, the memorial for Chané Waldron took place last Friday.

After the memorial was over, a lot of us stayed at the church for close to an hour. I talked to family and friends that have concerns about everything from patrols to the lack of coverage about this case, as well as the broader issue of security in Downtown Dallas.

There are a few plans underway to increase the reward money beyond what is out there now. Over 8,000 people read the posts last week; I hope someone who read comes forward with whatever info that they have.

I hope this shines a light on the issues that are still apparent in Dallas.

I have also taken note of those that have shown zero interest in this crime, and I may address it in the future. This is not the time.

I appreciate the work being done by Dallas Police to solve this case. The best way to honor the life of this young woman is to bring the killers to justice and make downtown a safer place. Thank you to her family for allowing me the opportunity to speak and share in this time of grief. We aren’t giving up.


One Response to “Jessica Chané Waldron: 1/27/85 – 3/29/09”

  1. Leah B Says:

    A loss of such a telented young person is a tragedy. my prayers go out to her loved ones. It is such a shame that the ones doing the right thing are the ones who get caught in the crossfire.

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