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Craig Watkins on The View

April 29, 2009

My barber gave me the heads up that Dallas DA (and fellow customer) Craig Watkins was going to be on “The View” sometime soon. Thanks to Jennifer Emily of the DMN, I found out it was tomorrow.

We were talking about what’s next for Craig. The only show left is Oprah.

There’s always good info in the barbershop – some things never change.

The barbershop:




New TV Ad – Enough is Enough

April 29, 2009

Check it out – let me know what you think.

Join Me and Save Dallas! Mega Event – Is Dallas Ready?

April 27, 2009

If you haven’t already heard, we are having a mega event to urge people to Vote NO and Save Dallas.


Vote No and Save Dallas!

When: Wednesday 4/29 – music starts at 4PM
City Hall Plaza
Akard and Young Street, at the fountain
Rally Location (Google Maps)

Add to your outlook calendar (link)

Many of you moved to Dallas and live here because of the opportunities available to you. You moved here because Dallas is a growing city.

Dallas has been losing everything of value to the suburbs.
*We lost the Cowboys to Arlington.
*Nokia Theatre is in Grand Prairie.
*The Texas Motor Speedway is in Fort Worth instead of on I-20 in Oak Cliff.
*Don’t you want to do things in Dallas?

More than $2.5 billion dollars of economic impact and $800 million in direct spending is waiting for us if we VOTE NO! One group is trying to prevent that from getting to Dallas.

If Dallas becomes less business-friendly, we lose. The economic future and opportunities of our generation depends on whether or not we VOTE NO!

We didn’t like the last Mayor because she shot down every project and now we have a Mayor with great ideas for a great city. We need to have his back!

Dallas will be become a ghost town.
We won’t be able to bring back and build up South Dallas, Oak Cliff, Pleasant Grove, and West Dallas unless we VOTE NO!

No more places in Dallas like West Village, Mockingbird Station, and Uptown.

If Dallas can’t bring big events to downtown, finance economic development, and recruit companies, this city will dry up! The more we lose, the more jobs leave Dallas, and the less opportunity you have to succeed. That’s not why you came to Dallas!

The haters have more money but we have more people!

If you want Dallas to continue to grow, you need to come to our rally on Wednesday April 29th in front of City Hall.

Music starts at 4PM and the speakers start at 5:30–guest speakers include Veronica Torres – Chair for the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber Young Professionals group, Michael Davis of Dallas Progress blog, Ron King of Media, and others.

Are you going to let one group stand in the way of YOUR future?

Come hang out with your friends and learn why we must fight for our city.

Early Voting: April 27, 2009 – May 5, 2009

Election Day: Saturday May 9th.

Check your voter registration by name or address

Demonstration of Touch Screen Voting Machine (Flash player required)

Services Available to Voters with Special Needs in Texas

State of Texas Early Voting Rules

Google Map of All Dallas Early Voting Locations

Early Voting Starts Today

April 27, 2009

Here’s all you need to find a place to vote. Election Day is Saturday May 9th, but early voting is in full effect. Don’t forget to Vote No on Prop 1 and 2, and to vote for your city councilperson.

Early Voting: April 27, 2009 – May 5, 2009

Election Day: Saturday May 9th.

Check your voter registration by name or address

Demonstration of Touch Screen Voting Machine (Flash player required)

Services Available to Voters with Special Needs in Texas

State of Texas Early Voting Rules

Google Map of All Dallas Early Voting Locations

FREE Dallas Women’s Heart Health Fair on Saturday!

April 24, 2009

On Satruday, there will be a FREE Dallas Women’s Heart Health Fair on Saturday, April 25 from 9AM – 4PM at Fair Park (Automobile Building)

The Sister to Sister Foundation will be offering free screenings – cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, BMI, etc. – with free on-the-spot counseling by a medical professional, plus cooking and fitness demos, educational seminars, exhibit booths, tons of prizes and more. Even parking is free. See attached pics for details.

Baylor is prepared to offer 1,500 FREE comprehensive screenings (that’s huge – and this lab work would typically cost $100 or more at your doctor’s office).

Heart disease is the #1 killer of all women (more than the next six cancers combined!).

Bring a loved one to this great community event!

EXCLUSIVE: Hotel Showdown Debate

April 23, 2009

You heard it here first:

On Sunday April 26th, there will be a Convention Center Hotel debate at Friendship-West Baptist Church. It will feature members of the Dallas City Council and the Mayor on one side and hopefully the other side will show up.

Be there – this is last major debate in southern Dallas that is solely focused on the issue of the Convention Center Hotel.

Friendship-West Baptist Church
2020 W. Wheatland Rd.
Dallas, Texas 75232 (map)

Sunday, April 26th
2PM – 4PM

UPDATE: Gromer Jeffers of the Dallas Morning News will be the moderator.

This is Our City-Vote NO!

April 23, 2009

From RIP Dallas. This is our city!

Young Motivated Professionals vs. Internet E-thugs

April 22, 2009

Some of the stupid comments and blog posts that are out there imply that if you work for are related to someone well-known you can’t be a part of a grassroots or organized movement. I guess I should just be happy with my board seat and going to the club and never speak out, and the people that started RIP Dallas should do the same.

If people in our positions sit idly by and never vote and never say anything, we’re branded as do-nothings and typical generation (x/y/millennials/fill in the blank). When we do get together for good, the haters want to do a bunch of ridiculous attacks on the character of individuals that are part of this movement.

Some people feel that the “Grim” character was over the top. Well, that’s their problem.

Let’s get to the real deal; there are a whole host of internet-based e-thugs who have never volunteered a minute of their lives.
Newsflash: If you’re on a board at City Hall, you’re a volunteer. A lot of the people involved volunteer and donate time and resources to many organizations. Who do you think spends their time trying to make this a better city? If any of the e-thugs have the guts to go down to City Hall, sign up for time, and let their opinions be known. All it takes is a quick call to the City Secretary’s Office. One catch: you have to use your real name. That’s the same thing done by the people who spoke on behalf of RIP Dallas.

Does Crow Holdings have young people willing to take a stand? Still looking and waiting. RIP Dallas was 200+ deep at City Hall this morning. City Hall was at capacity, and dozens of us were in the Flag Room.

This is not some phony group; we come from all corners of the city. We volunteer, and we eat drink and spend money in the city of Dallas. We are hundreds deep and with our friends thousands deep.
Whether you all like the signs or not, these are young professionals that organized themselves to participate in the process. We vote, and our friends vote. Hate that.

Enough is Enough

April 21, 2009

This is a new ad from the group Enough is Enough, a group organized to support voting against Prop 1 & Prop 2. There was a big press conference today kicking off their support of the Convention Center Hotel.

I think the ad is pretty cool…here’s the website.

Economic Recovery Workshop is Monday!

April 19, 2009

By now, you have heard about Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson‘s Roadmap to Recovery workshop.

“The Roadmap to Recovery” workshop will help North Texans access economic
recovery funding. The workshop is designed to bring together representatives of financial organizations and federal and state agencies, who will share information on ways for North Texans to access economic recovery funding.

Three panels of agency representatives will be followed by a question-and-answer session. I will be moderating one of the panels.

Date: Monday, April 20, 2009

Time: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Location: The Music Hall at Fair Park
909 1st Ave.
Dallas, TX 75210 (map)

Agencies that have confirmed that they will be represented include:

Internal Revenue Service
Taxpayer Advocate Service
Texas Department of Transportation
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
U.S. Department of Labor
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. General Services Administration
U.S. Small Business Administration
U.S. Social Security Administration

Financial organizations that are sending representatives include Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Dallas and the Dallas Small Business Development Center. John Podvin, an attorney at Haynes and Boone, LLP, will speak about the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) and newly-created Public-Private Investment Program (PPIP).

To RSVP for the workshop:

please call Congresswoman Johnson’s office in Dallas at (214) 922-8885 or e-mail

To submit a question to the panelists:

e-mail, specifying which agency or financial organization to which the question is directed.