RIP Jessica Chané Waldron

Police seeking witnesses to fatal shooting outside downtown Dallas club

I read this story a few times today thinking this was a person that was in our circle:

Jessica Waldron of Dallas was waiting with a friend outside the 2026 Ultra Lounge on Commerce Street in downtown Dallas about 2:20 a.m. for a valet to return with their car, police said. Investigators believe someone fired multiple rounds into the crowd from a dark-colored, possibly stepside-style, pickup headed southbound on nearby Pearl Street.

Waldron was shot once in the stomach area and was taken to Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, where she underwent surgery. She died about noon Sunday.

It does not appear that Waldron was targeted, Dallas police homicide Sgt. Bruce McDonald said.

It didn’t hit me until I saw the story comments. I didn’t realize who it was at first until because she often goes by her middle name Chané. Then it hit me.

This was a young woman that almost everyone in our crew knew or knew of from being out and about town working and doing her thing.

24 years old. Gone. She was a 2007 graduate of SMU, with a future in front of her that was beyond bright. She was a Corporate Communications and Public Affairs major with a minor in economics. Chané wrote for the SMU Daily Campus during her time as a student. From what I’ve heard, she worked in public relations for Pier One.

A young woman, using the valet, trying to have some fun with her friends. And some heartless punks end all of the hopes and dreams that Chané and her family and friends held for her life.

You should be able to go downtown and do the right thing and not get shot.

Somebody knows something….please do not stay silent on this case!

If you have info please call the Dallas police homicide unit at 214-671-3661 or email

To all of her folks, I pray you find closure and peace in this tough time.

UPDATE: A $15,000 reward is now posted thanks to Schepps Dairy and North Texas Crimestoppers.

Information on memorials can be found here.


12 Responses to “RIP Jessica Chané Waldron”

  1. 6Angela Says:

    Such a loss- She was one of my sister’s good friends- Prayers and thoughts go out to her family.

  2. moe Says:

    This story is heartwrenching. I did not know this young lady personally but her face is familar. This was a beatiful woman out one night with her girls trying to enjoy life and someone had to take that from her. This could have been ANYONE! My friends and I are in this area a lot and now its sad because we should be able to go out and have a good time without fearing for our life. I will continue to pray for Chane friends and family. I can not imagine how much of a loss this is to you. God Bless!!!!

  3. mrs. mary mack Says:

    This is terribly sad. Makes you rethink your daily activties…I hate having to live in fear, but you never know. I hope they catch the culprit asap.

  4. Ann Says:

    My daughter knew Jessica at SMU and loved her. She is heartbroken at the loss of such a dear friend who was a wonderful person.

  5. Brandi Says:

    I met Chane back in Sept. 2007 at my cousin’s wedding in Oklahoma City and we had such a good time together at the reception. She was a sweetheart, my prayers and thoughts go out to all her family and friends. Like the author said, please don’t be silent and speak up. Brandi Payne

  6. Saudiia Says:

    I am just heart heavy about what happened to her. She just was an wonderful person with such a bright future. I met her a long time ago through Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Zeta Mu and Kappa Mu were close. She just was a good person. She just brightened up your day with her smile. My prayers and thoughts go out to her close friends and family. This was such a tragic loss.

  7. y&rchick Says:

    I dont know this young lady but I understand the family’s pain. I had a cousin with almost the exact same story. She was out with her sisters since the family was down for our reunion and some idiot fired shots into a waiting crowd and she was hit in the stomach area also. She was only 27 and left 3 beautiful daughters. She had just graduated from medical school. The good thing is he was caught people spoke up and we were grateful they did. My prayer is that people will speak up again for Jessica. And get another loser off the streets. My prayers are with her family friends.

  8. Life is still beautiful........... Says:

    Wow, so senseless. I hope the suspects are found. I am going to post your link on my facebook as I have many friends in Dallas and would like to spread the word and bring awareness to this tragedy. Your right, somebody knows something.

  9. unpoetaloco Says:

    My heart is broken. This is so senseless. Chané was bigger than life and her smile was infectious. My prayers to the hundreds of family and friends whose lives she touched and who mourn her passing. Que en paz descanses, Chané. Professor Henson

  10. Laura Says:

    I am a magazine editor and have worked with Chane several times in the past year. I called her whenever I needed to call something in for a photo shoot from Pier 1. She was always so sweet and responsive, and above and beyond nice to work with. I never met her in person, but feel so stunned and saddened by her loss. Her positive energy came through even just over the phone and email. I wish her family and friends strength during this terrible tragedy.

  11. cole Says:

    It is a shame to lose such a beautiful, intelligent and promising young woman. It is sad that those who don’t deserve freedom, so cavalierly trample upon that of others. It’s almost always an innocent bystander that suffers at the hands of these idiots.

  12. Rawlins Says:

    God bless this girl’s family and Schepp’s Dairy for helping find the scum who killed her.

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