Prime Time Reaches Back to Help Youth

Deion Sanders has a dream for kids south of Trinity River

That headline says it all; I’m really excited about this project. I’ve been wanting to write about it, but wanted to hold off until it went public.

I’m glad that Deion and his PrimeTime Sports Association is interested in investing and partnering with the city to improve the lives of youth. When we walked the field and looked at the plans, you could really see it come together. Dallas is a can-do city, and the difference now is that this project did not end up in the suburbs.

Usually, the business people are ready and the city drags everything out; but things have changed. That’s due to the leadership of our Deputy Mayor Dwaine Caraway and Mayor Leppert whose goal is to make sure that deals get done instead of twiddling our thumbs and watching the surrounding cities benefit from our inaction.

For those of you that aren’t sure of the location, it’s the open park that’s next to Carter High School and across from the Friendship West parking lot.

Come to the tryouts at the Cotton Bowl – we will be there!


2 Responses to “Prime Time Reaches Back to Help Youth”

  1. Paris Says:

    Mike,I hope the try outs will not just be for low income or Dallas residents.I hope it is open to all kids in that age range.Thanks…Paris E.

  2. Michael Davis-Dallas Progress Says:

    My understanding is that all are welcome. Come one, come all!

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