Campaigns are Fun

I am standing in front of the home of the challenger for the District Four city council seat. Looking at the signs down both sides of his block, it would seem that his neighbors aren’t big fans of his council run.

Let the games begin.


One Response to “Campaigns are Fun”

  1. Rawlins Says:

    It’s a shame Dwaine could not have saved the money running unopposed. But alas.It’s probably better this way because Dwaine has come a long way since he was elected. Plus, he’s lost enough weight to look like a poster child for March Madness.One irony: last Friday I had an Op-Ed in the DMNews about the wonderful and amazing Southeast Division Deputy Police Chief Patricia Paulhill. Huge photo of her and my column right there, center page, a Dallas first to honor the DPD’s own in media w/o some tragic cause as with the tragic murder of Sr. Cpl Norm Smith in January. I saw Dwaine on Monday …two days later….and I got the feeling he was unaware. It’s always good to celebrate good press, in this case my efforts to spotlight this female African-American trailblazer.

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