My Take on Unleashed Dog Park

A lot has been made out of the decision by the owners of Unleashed to ban pit bulls from their facility. This was a request made by their insurance company.

Having met the Acrees I can tell you that they have very high standards for the facility and business, and I applaud their decision. This is a top-notch facility unlike any other in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I’m glad they decided to locate in District Four.

When we met with Acrees a little more than a month ago , I had a lot of questions; The dog attack that happened at White Rock Lake Dog Park was fresh in my mind. All questions were answered. They have also been willing to partner with the community and have numerous meetings with the surrounding neighborhood.

Everyone from the Acrees to top officials in Animal Services have educated me on the fact that leashed animals can upset an environment in which unleashed dogs are present. Animal services have also informed me that dogs that are always tethered become much more aggressive than untethered dogs over time.

Ironically, the same night this story broke, I had taken an official from Animal Services on the road to a neighborhood meeting to provide info about dangerous dogs and facts about animal control. And then I came home to watch this story on the news.

Pit Bulls are a problem, and have been a problem. We can have the silly debate all day long about chihuahuas being more aggressive but the difference is a Pit Bull can kill you.

Unleashed and the Acrees are a welcome addition to District Four. I look forward to watching their business grow. I encourage you to join us on March 28th as we celebrate the official opening of Unleashed Indoor Dog Parks.


3 Responses to “My Take on Unleashed Dog Park”

  1. mrs. mary mack Says:

    I plan on taking our pup to Unleashed! The dog park at White Rock is cool but stinky, so it will be cool to see what the indoor park looks/smells like. I agree with their decision due to having a very small, very hyperactive dog myself. I can’t imagine a pit attacking me or him…yikes!

  2. Michael Davis-Dallas Progress Says:

    M3: come to the grand opening on the 28th. The owners are good people – Sinatra will be just fine at Unleashed.

  3. S. Says:

    I haven't checked out Unleashed yet, although I have been wanting to. I am really excited about the new Dallas dog park that is going to be part of the Woodall Rodgers Park project. It's hard finding a quality dog park in Dallas.

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