The Race is On

At the last second, a challenger appeared for Council District Four. REALLY? Really.

No neighborhood is really disappointed at the work that’s been done. The new website is coming this week.

I may have more to say at a later date. I do feel like they could have found someone that has actually been engaged in city issues. It’s a free city, however, and anyone that gets enough signatures can run.

Yesterday, I drew Ballot Place 1 for Dwaine Caraway. We plan to keep it that way.


3 Responses to “The Race is On”

  1. Paris Says:

    Caraway has done a great job for D4.Keep up the good work!

  2. Glenn Says:

    Council Man Caraway has help to get many hot sheet motels shut down. This is a first for a council person to go in and clean blocks up. Most want to change the whole economic system of the World. True enough we need a large economic change in our area but at the same time those of us who have stayed and live in Dist. 4, it is nice to feel a little safer. Now if we can continue to close more hot sheet motels and close down some of the bad actors on Industrial. Thanks Caraway.

  3. Monica Roberts Says:

    Mike,Giving yo a shout out and thanking you for stopping by my blog. I’m adding you to my Texas bloggers list.Keep up the great work in my ‘other’ hometown.

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