Tragedy among Teens

Stomp Wars went well, somewhere between 5-6,000 kids attended the event at the convention center arena with zero incidents.

The whole time, my mind kept drifting back to this story.

Friends, family grieve for girls killed in crash

These three Adamson High School teens died in a car accident near I-45 and Loop 12 in Oak Cliff.

Rosario Filemon – 16
Liliana “Lily” Reynoso – 15
Miriam Ramirez – 16

This reminds me of a time when I was 15 in the 10th grade. Just following my friends and not giving it much thought, we got out of school and I piled into a car with my buddies. There were maybe 6-7 of us in a little car. I think we were going to cruise around and hang out at the park.

Out of nowhere my Dad opens the car door, says nothing to the driver and reaches in the back seat area and pulls me out. Then we had a good father-son talk about making good decisions. I think the whole school was laughing at me that day. It took weeks to live that down, but I lived. And I’m grateful that my Dad was there to put the brakes on me being somewhere I didn’t need to be.

I saw the video below. It looks like it was created by a friend of the kids that died on Friday. I can appreciate a teenager’s way of positively dealing with their grief the best way they can.

May you all rest in peace. May your families and friends learn to deal with this tragedy as life goes on.


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