It’s Them or Me

As I predicted about a week ago, this switch to the new feedburner is causing some issue with my readers.

I have lost at least 100 subscribers since the switch.

There are one of two reasons:

  1. my writing fell off
  2. new Feedburner is killing my readership.

Judging by the increased number of hits, I blame feedburner.

It’s time to bring out the old beg for subscribers post…ONCE AGAIN

For people that want to keep up with Dallas Progress, you can subscribe to Dallas Progress by e-mail.

You can also click the Feedburner button, and add Dallas Progress to any of your sites like MyYahoo, Google, AOL, Newsgator and everybody else. It’s a great way to stay updated! The button below also allows you to add posts to digg,, or your facebook page.

This can be done by clicking the icon in this post and subscribing to the Dallas Progress feed.

Or, if you want to get Dallas Progress updates in your e-mail box, click below.

Subscribe to Dallas Progress by Email

Thanks for reading!


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