Final Count: 147 Guns

I felt that the gun buyback went pretty well. You never know what to expect.

UPDATE: The youtube clips are up right here (btw, I also had no idea that Dwaine had over 65,000 youtube hits):

No one said it was the cure-all, but you have to respect the fact Dwaine is willing to try everything to make the city safer.

In total, 147 guns were turned in the police, no questions asked.

The stories that some people told really hit home; Matthew Haag from the DMN did a good job of covering that aspect of the story.

Even though the event officially started at 9am, one woman showed up at 7am with several guns.

From 8:30 on there was a steady stream of people. Contrary to what some claimed would be brought in, all types of weapons were turned in to DPD (including a Tec-9).

And yes, my buddy Trey Garrison showed up and talked with Dwaine and the Mayor.

The event was well-attended by the media; we’ll see what the actual coverage looks like.

Thanks to Stephanie, Esmeralda, DPD and the city staff that showed up to help. Thanks also go out to Charles Terrell of Safer Dallas, Better Dallas, Kroger, Schepps Dairy, Radio One (94.5 KSOUL and 97.9 The Beat) for sponsoring the event.

Check out the slideshow:


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