Press or B.S.? – What’s the Motivation?

I have been aware of a group that has a problem with the Gun Buyback program that is occurring on Saturday.

If this group that is complaining about the Gun Buyback is really sincere about helping to clean up the community and about public safety, the opportunity is available to sit down with Dwaine Caraway and me and have a frank discussion about the pros and cons of this issue and others.

If their “counter-event” is just for attention and YouTube hits, there’s nothing we can do for them. They can do what they do and we’ll keep doing what we do.

No cameras, no media. Just two groups with opposing views sitting down and exchanging ideas.

Consider the olive branch extended.

And by the way: no public money is being used to buy the guns. Just so you know.


5 Responses to “Press or B.S.? – What’s the Motivation?”

  1. Ed Cognoski Says:

    Good luck with the buyback program. I hope it’s a big success.

  2. Jeff Siegel Says:

    It’s an excellent idea, Mike. And the Kroger cards are better than cash. It’s too bad that some people — who have their own agendas — put themselves ahead of the safety of the community.

  3. Mark Says:

    Mr. Davis,I reside in a suburb of Dallas and have been watching the discussion on the gun buy-back going back and forth. I do think that the promoters of this event are well intentioned, but I also believe firmly that the guns that are bought will not be turned in by criminals. If the intention is to stop children from negligent (notice I did not say accidental) discharges, perhaps handing out $3 gun locks would be an alternative? I think the real issue most take with these buy back programs is that it reinforces the idea that the gun is to blame for crime or for accidents.I noticed that the flyer for this event says "Gun Buy Back & Gun Safety Event." What is the Safety Event part? Perhaps education of proper storage and handling would be as or more effective to address concerns?

  4. Jon Says:

    Michael,I think the motivation of the people going to try and buy a firearm before it gets turned in is fairly simple and really has nothing to do with publicity. I would go so far as to say that 90% of the people wanting to buy a firearm would do so even if there were no cameras and no press.This has to do with people “selling” a firearm that could be worth MUCH more than a 50.00 Gift card just for it to be destroyed. There are several documented cases in the news where Historical and sometimes one of a kind firearms are turned into such programs and the police are *required* to destroy them. When that happens we lose a part of hitory that can never be gotten back.The final part of it is also simple. If you can buy a firearm that is worth 250.00 for 50.00…why would you NOT want to do that? That is simple economics 101correct?I feel it has nothing to do with press at all, it has everything to do with historical value and a “good deal.”

  5. Rawlins Says:

    I can remember when owning a gun was rare. Now I have to hear owning an arsenal is the ultimate male status while the average American Freedom Flag? Whatever.I never felt ‘free’ when someone stuck a gun in my face. Or ‘strong’ when I had one in my hand. To anyone who understands what it is to be in a gun-a-holic pothole, at least you care enough to make a statement about the gun culture gone nuts vs. gun nuts making light of your intent.

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