The One Article You Must Read this Month

District Attorney Craig Watkins is on the cover of D Magazine’s March Issue. I’ve known he was going to be on the cover for a while, but I figured I’d keep it under wraps as long as I could. No more.

In writing a feature article about Craig, Zac Crain did one of the best pieces I have read in some time. Articles like this are why D Magazine remains relevant; they look at all angles of the issue when writing feature pieces. They’re willing to travel any and everywhere for a story (I remember when we had Rod Davis deep in the hood for his pit bull story), and not just write hit jobs from the comfort of their laptop like some writers in this town.

Zac wrote this piece over the course of six months. Instead of writing an article that is mostly based on personal opinions of other writers and anecdotes cobbled from other magazines, Zac wrote something that is awardworthy in my opinion.

The article includes great photography from Elizabeth Lavin, including the cover shot and another with Craig’s barber and mine (the best in the city), Troy King of Testosterone Barbershop on Murray Street in Deep Ellum (it’s true, you can get a good fade in Dallas without driving to Far North Dallas or Desoto).

Enough said. Buy the mag, read the article, and let me know what you think.


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