Hotel Request Denied…and what Debate are they waiting for?

Before the anti-hotel folks could even begin crowing about their attempt to get an injunction against the hotel moving forward, a funny thing happened.

Their request was denied. That didn’t take long.

Fox News The Dallas Observer keeps writing that Anne Raymond is waiting for a debate with Mayor Leppert.

I’ve been saying for some time that Mayor Leppert is waiting to debate Harlan Crow on the issue. Why won’t Fox News the Dallas Observer report this fact that has been known for months? They still act like she’s waiting for a debate that’s never going to happen.

I was also listening to Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson on the radio yesterday. According to Congresswoman Johnson, the whole point of the city issuing the hotel bonds is so the city can issue the bonds at at a lower amount of interest. The savings is 4-5% over the whole life of the bonds.

She also said that we’re not going to be in this shape forever, meaning that we need to move forward so this city can reap the benefits of revenue from having such a setup. Such a move has always made sense to me.


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