Dallas or New York’s "Right to Vote?"

I saw the petition carriers yesterday. How could I miss them – these people had no respect for walking right through the middle of our meeting yesterday while we were trying to conduct city business. Same for whomever took the pictures of them walking through our meeting.

When you look at the financial reports, this effort is funded by a group based in New York that paid people to fly down and get signatures. Some of the people that are on the original petition request have barely voted themselves.

Now the reports come out that they were holding these signed petitions for weeks to get leverage against the City for hotel business. What a joke.

There are other unions in town that support the hotel, like SEIU and others.

I’m not anti-union. My Mother was in a union, the Communication Workers of America (CWA). When strikes came down, we had to go without. Sometimes the strikes went for a long time, but we made it.

However, this effort is something I cannot support. There’s a right way and a wrong ray to conduct business. And by the way they have conducted themselves so far, we can see where this is going.

I hope the majority of Dallas voters see it the same way.


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