Significant Southern Dallas Blogs

Around the time when I started Dallas Progress, there wasn’t much in the blogosphere that focused on Southern Dallas other than blogs operated by print media. Shawn Williams started Dallas South Blog in the same month, and we often joke about how folks thought we might be at odds or in competition. In reality, we have cheered on each other from Day One and have always hoped to see more blogs that focus on our part of town.

Shawn has covered prestigious events such as the Democratic Presidential Debate in Austin, the Democratic Convention, and others. I’ve been blessed to be a member of President Obama’s National Urban Policy Committee, and serve on various boards and commissions (although I was doing that before I started writing). The best part: the great people with whom I have been able to interact as the readership has grown.

What can’t be disputed is that we started this thing in our part of the city.

One thing that Shawn and I have in common is that we chose to live in Southern Dallas. In the 2 1/2-plus years since we started, several significant blogs have popped up from Southern Dallas residents. Here are a few:

Rufus Shaw (RIP) was the first blogger based in southern Dallas. He wrote for DallasBlog “the way he saw it, South of the Trinity.”

Change the Wind: Written by Rev. Gerald Britt of Central Dallas Ministries.

Janet Morrison’s Community Dialogue: Janet Morrison of Central Dallas Ministries has devoted her life to the education of underprivileged youth in South Dallas and Roseland Homes. Without Janet I never would have met Wyshina Harris (RIP) and Sylvia Harris, for which I am eternally grateful. Their energy and determination have kept me going.

Let’s Go to Work: Tiffinni Young is a lifelong southern Dallas resident, former Dallas Park board Member, and a candidate for Dallas City Council District Five.

Making South Dallas Home: Written anonymously by “Camron’s Mom,” a resident in South Dallas. I’ll keep her real name to myself, but I see her as one of the future leaders in that area.

Ms. Betty Politic: Betty Culbreath is the only African-American to have chaired the DFW Airport Board, the City Plan Commission (twice), and the Dallas Housing Authority Board of Commissioners. Her activism in this city is legendary.

Our ASA Family’s Meaningful Relationships – Written by participants of the Turner Courts/Roseland After-School Academy that is operated by Janet Morrison of Central Dallas Ministries. Whenever I think of slowing down, one visit to the ASA gives me all the motivation I need.

Thoughts of an ADHD Drama Queen: A look at being newly married, pop culture, and life in general. She will someday write a book or movie script based on this blog and her life, and we will love it.


2 Responses to “Significant Southern Dallas Blogs”

  1. Shawn Williams Says:

    Mike I appreciate your kind words and of course I appreciate your work both on this blog and in our city. Regardless of whether you are elected or not, there is NO ONE on the Dallas Political scene that I respect more than you. Man keep doing what you are doing and thanks for being a resource that provides great information like you do in this post.

  2. Michael Davis-Dallas Progress Says:

    Thanks Shawn, coming from you that means a lot. Blogs have given communities and people a voice that must recognized. You know what it takes to keep this going for years on end plus maintain your own job/business. Still, we press on.

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