It’s Lunch Time, Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

I’m glad the juvenile curfew ordinance is being reviewed by City Council’s Public Safety Committee and will likely be strengthened. According to news reports, juveniles made up more than 20% of the burglary arrests in Dallas last year.

Here are the facts:

  • 2008 Juvenile Arrests for Burglary: 187.
  • 2008 Adult Arrests for Burglary: 868.
  • Juveniles made up 22% of all Burglary arrests in the city in 2008.
  • Of those 187 arrests, 63% occurred during school hours during the week.

Juvenile curfew needs to be strengthened and enforced. While some parents aren’t aware of their kids activities, some parents need to shake the “it’s not my baby” syndrome and face facts. Well, your baby is breaking into houses and acting up while you’re at work.

It’s just like the voice-over insert that Dwaine helped to bring back to Channel 8 news when they say, “it’s 10 o’clock, do you know where your children are?” Maybe for some parents, they should ask themselves that same question at 10 AM as well.

It may sound harsh, but the responsibility for the delinquents needs to be shifted back to the parents instead of society. It’s a small percentage of kids, but they’re causing a good share of the crime during the day.


5 Responses to “It’s Lunch Time, Do You Know Where Your Children Are?”

  1. mrs. mary mack Says:

    From my “office” window I can see Sam Tasby Middle School…the students there are constantly running away from the school during the day and skipping! I can only imagine what they leave school to do.

  2. Michael Davis-Dallas Progress Says:

    Yeah M3 I feel you. That corner is cited as the highest violent crime area in the city of Dallas. At 357 violent crimes in a 1 sq mile area, 17% higher than the #2 ranked area of Forest & Audelia.

  3. Merissa Says:

    Is the area of Forest and Audelia really ranked #2 as far as crime goes? I did not realize. I just recently moved into an apartment complex in this very area. I was only there for 2 weeks when I had a police officer pull my sister over because she did not have her front license plate (it broke off due to a wreck). Anyways, the cop did not ask for a driver’s license or registration. He asked her for insurance, and since her insurance was up-to-date, he let her go. I see cops up and down Forest and Audelia stopping people for traffic violations. Maybe if they fight some REAL crime and stop pulling people over for traffic tickets, the area wouldn’t be full of crime.

  4. Michael Davis-Dallas Progress Says:

    I hate to say it Merissa, but the danger is real. Be careful up there, especially if you live alone. Keep me posted on how it’s going in your new hood.

  5. Merissa Says:

    How would I go about getting information about crime in my area? I don’t trust the crime statisitcs that the city reports. I don’t trust statistics in general. The point I wanted to make in my previous response was if the police would stop being so preoccupied with making traffic stops and fight the more serious crime, maybe this will help decrease the crime rate. I see the police pullling people over all the time. Is this a good use of resources or police harassment? I think the crime would go down in areas like these if the police would stop treating every black and/or hispanic person like a criminal. Maybe the people in the community will be willing to cooperate and work with the police to help stop crime in their areas. The police need to start building a better relationship with the people because it takes an entire community to improve the neighborhood.

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