Downtown Streetcars?

A lot has been written regarding the possibility of streetcars, and they are now being discussed by the Transportation Committee at City Council. I’m not the biggest fan of streetcars in downtown Dallas, although my mind is not completely closed on the issue.

I hope that if downtown streetcars are approved that they do not travel down Main or Elm Street.

You can’t have parking meters and streetcars in a given direction when you only have two lanes. Add the DART buses, which most times do not pull into the proper lane when making stops, and you’ve got yourself a traffic disaster. Don’t forget about our beloved valet parking services.

Traffic is already bad on Main Street. Drive down Main Street on any weekend or during rush hour and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Maybe the parking meters should get the axe before we even consider more streetcar routes.


One Response to “Downtown Streetcars?”

  1. dallasmay Says:

    I think the idea is to create more traffic. We want people out of their cars and walking down the street. If they are out of their cars and walking down the street, then they will stop by shops on their way to work. Walking also makes people healthier, so local medical expenses will decrease if people are walking just a little further each day. AND if people are out of their cars and walking down the streets, crime will go down because there is more people in the area, thus relaxing our police force a bit. Congestion is our friend. We can use it to make the city better. Over the past century, we have designed our cities streets in the cheapest and most utilitarian way possible. If we re-think transportation, and rethink our streets, we can help solve a lot of our problems.

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