Mark Cuban’s Heroes Basketball…in the Cliff!

Last Friday, there was a press conference to celebrate the Mark Cuban Heroes Basketball Center.

I have been excited about this since it came through the City Plan Commission last spring.

The center is in the old YWCA at Bonnie View and Southerland, located in the Cedar Crest neighborhood in Oak Cliff. The intersection is part City Council District Four (Dwaine Caraway) and part District Seven (Carolyn Davis); how that happened is an entire story in itself.

This was a badly deteriorating building, and Cuban stepped up by purchasing the building and investing a huge sum in its renovation and reconstruction.

Heroes Basketball is much larger than a league. The center will provide tutoring, mentorship, and a computer center.

As the FW Star-T mentioned in their article, participants are required to maintain at least a 2.5 grade-point average and also are required as seniors to apply for at least five colleges. Mike Fisher of did a good write-up as well.

Some Mavericks practices will be held here, as well as various other events designed to engage the youth of southern Dallas.

Thanks to Mark Cuban, Donnie Nelson, Charles and everyone else involved with Heroes Basketball for making this possible. As I told Mark and Donnie, it’s fun when something that you’ve seen on paper for months starts to come together.

I am really looking forward to the All-Star game next year when all of the NBA folks come down to talk with the youth. Despite nearly a dozen TV cameras at the event, coverage was non-existent save for CW33 news. But all of the stations made time for a couple of random perp-walks during their 9 and 10 o’clock segments. Such is life.

Since it’s warming up, the painting can begin and the basketball floor can be placed. The center is scheduled to open in March.


One Response to “Mark Cuban’s Heroes Basketball…in the Cliff!”

  1. Glenn Says:

    Good news. I thought when the YWCA shut down here we go with another boarded up building in South Oak Cliff. Good news for S.O.C. and the Cedar Crest neighborhood. Thanks.

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